MOVIE NEWS: Robert Pattinson completes filming in Toronto, The Rover release dates move closer and more!

MOVIE NEWS: Robert Pattinson completes filming in Toronto, The Rover release dates move closer and more!

We're about to hit some limbo action with WorkingRob. @seansmovies has been tracking filming in Toronto for Life and tweeted that production wrapped in Toronto.

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At the same time, it looks like some more filming will take place in Los Angeles. An extra located in LA (also a casting director for extras) shared some paperwork on his instagram for upcoming extra work on Life and a Rob sighting has already sprung on twitter. Dennis Stock met James Dean at Chateau Marmont so it would be pretty cool if some filming took place at the famous Hollywood hotel.

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What's next for Rob after Life? Well Embankment Films still has Mission: Blacklist listed as second quarter 2014 on their website and there's been no updates for The Childhood of a Leader beyond the last word of May 2014. The Lost City of Z is still sitting on summer 2014. So we'll have to wait and see which film is up to bat next.

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In the meantime, with announcements coming April 17, we've got the Cannes buzz basically a loud BANG right now. Variety is the latest to list both Maps To The Stars and The Rover for Cannes potential. French press is also talking up Maps To The Stars and The Wrap mentioned seeing Rob on the Croisette with both films.

Speaking of The Rover, Australia's release date was moved up as well!

Rob: ooohmyGAAAWD
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The film was originally slated for July 31st but has been moved to June 12th! The country joins the US with the June release date. We reached out to our eOne contact to see if the UK and Canada will also join the US and Australia but they weren't ready to confirm a theatrical release. So sit tight just a little but longer. We'll see what happens. They know you want it NOW!

The anticipation kills us, non? And finally, speaking of anticipating Rob's films, IONCINEMA has rightly decided to list every upcoming Rob film in their most anticipated lists for 2014 and 2015.

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200 Most Anticipated Films for 2014

100 Most Anticipated Films for 2015

So we're excited about everything Rob is doing.

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Yeah everything. And we want more. Always.

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