Robert Pattinson, The New Face Of Dior Homme Has Boosted Sales By More Than 35%

Dior Homme is the best-selling fragrance brand for men in France with sales up 35% according to thanks to a certain person!

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And as you know the new Dior Homme Eau for Men hit Boots in the UK & Ireland on March 5th so of course we all went DiorRob spotting!

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Window Display in Oxford Street

The best-selling fragrances in 2013: Top 10 men's fragrances - From - March 14th 2014:

Dior and Paco Rabanne managed a very good year with two fragrances for men in the top 10. According to the calculation method, the best-selling perfume in 2013 is 1 Million or Le Male. Explanation.

In 2013, sales of men's fragrances on the selective market fell by 1.7% in value and more than 4% in volume. Yet some brands are doing very well.

This is the case of Dior, the best-selling fragrance brand for men in France. The new face of Dior Homme, and perhaps the light reformulation of the perfume have boosted sales by more than 35%. (...)

"2013 advertising campaign for Dior Homme with Robert Pattinson. The perfume gained 6 ranks and joined the top 10:"

Top 10 masculin 2013 / Top 10 men's fragrance 2013:
1- Jean Paul Gaultier : Le Mâle
2- Paco Rabanne : 1 Million
3- Dior : Eau Sauvage
4- Hermès : Terre d’Hermès
5- Dior : Dior Homme
6- Chanel : Bleu de Chanel
7- Hugo Boss : Boss Bottled
8- Paco Rabanne : Invictus
9- Yves Saint Laurent : La Nuit de l’Homme
10- Diesel : Only the Brave
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Thanks to PattinsonArtWork for the translation

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DiorRob was also featured on the back of the Boots Magazine

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