EXCLUSIVE: NEW Robert Pattinson Fan Pics From The Set Of 'Life' (March 1st)

Lucky fan SuzieKew got to snap some pics of Rob as he left the Life set and headed to his car on March 1st.

 photo SusiesLifeSetPics26-1.jpg

 photo SusiesLifeSetPics11-1.jpg

Click for LARGER

 photo SusiesLifeSetPics29.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics26.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics27.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics28.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics24.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics25.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics23.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics22.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics20.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics21.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics19.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics18.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics17.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics15.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics16.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics1.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics12.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics13.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics14.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics11.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics10.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics9.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics8.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics7.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics5.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics6.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics4.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics3.jpg  photo SusiesLifeSetPics2.jpg

Thanks so much to Susie for sharing her pics with us and check out MORE of her great set pics over on our sister site Lifethefilm.com


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