Did British GQ just call Robert Pattinson the King Of Cannes? Why yes they did!

Did British GQ just call Robert Pattinson the King Of Cannes? Why yes they did!


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British GQ has been on a complimentary sprees this week regarding Rob's fashion choices at Cannes! Check out their comments:

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  • "Most Stylish Men Of The Week - Robert Pattinson's continuing reign as menswear king of Cannes..."
  • "Why is Pattinson the current king of Cannes? His casual game is just as good as his black tie one, as excellently exemplified here in Dior."
  • "Most Stylish Men Of Cannes - From the red carpet return of Ryan Gosling to Robert Pattinson dressing like a true leading man, we bring you all the menswear moves that mattered at this year's Cannes Film Festival..."
  • "Our best ‘black tie’ in show: this black tux/navy shirt combination (courtesy of Dior Homme) is a superb curveball that just works."
  • "However he’s not just a master of out-of-the-box black tie, Pattinson can also do the classics. The whole look, again from Dior Homme, is spot-on from the self-tied bow to the tan to the patent lace-ups. Pearce is giving him a run for his money when it comes to best black tie though..."
  • "In the summer a colourful, unlined blazer is every man’s friend in the summer: not only will it keep you warm if it gets chilly, but it will also add a burst of brightness to any outfit after sundown - especially if you go for green like this Marni iteration."

 photo f9ddd549-cf7a-4b96-8723-9a7bd8882e24.jpg photo 365b34d6-d1a8-4a81-95ac-1939762df756.jpg
 photo d998cb28-01e7-40fc-816f-217cec943df6.jpg photo RobertPattinsonDior5.jpg

Thanks for the tip, Rotem! xx


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