Robert Pattinson's The Rover makes must-see lists and his "superb performance" continues to be praised!

Robert Pattinson's The Rover makes must-see lists and his "superb performance" continues to be praised!

Access Hollywood had a must-see summer indie movie segment on yesterday and I loved seeing Alicia Malone give The Rover some love. If you don't know Alicia Malone, check out her past Rob interviews HERE.

Entertainment Weekly also included The Rover on their must-see summer art-house movie list, saying "both actors astound."

Check out more reviews that we liked for The Rover and you can always catch up HERE, under our The Rover Reviews tag.

The Upcoming (5 stars)
The strength of this movie is its setting in a near-apocalyptic future yet not so far from what our actual world is becoming. The movie is very minimalist, and so is the language, which leads to amazing performances, especially from Pearce and Pattinson. They’re strong, fragile, sad and angry at the same time. The tension between them is there all along, yet they manage to create a beautiful relationship from their two broken souls. 
From the score to the cinematography, from the lights to the framing, from the script to the choice of the cast, everything hails Michôd’s work as a great achievement.
Total Film:
The technical credits are first-rate and both Pearce and Pattinson convince in their roles, the former mad-eyed and clenched, the latter confused of mind and slurred of tongue and possessed of a touching purity. Between this and his work for David Cronenberg, Pattinson is suggesting his career post-Twilight will sparkle like Edward Cullen’s skin. Michod, meanwhile, confirms he’s a filmmaker of considerable talents.
FMV magazine (3.5 stars):
Scoot McNairy is good as Henry, the leader of the gang who will protect himself at all costs but it’s Robert Pattinson, who is almost unrecognizable, finally realising his potential with a superb performance as Henry’s brother, Rey. Hopefully he will be remembered for portrayals like this rather than that vampire bloke in Twilight franchise
Letterboxd (4 stars):
Tough, gritty and quietly powerful, this film not only delivers great Guy Pearce and surprising Robert Pattinson performances
Film School Rejects (B):
A critical retroactive sadness to Pearce’s steely determination. That flinty persona clashes well with Pattinson’s desperately thuggish demeanor, the hardened man tolerating the hapless boy.
Also, here are some old pics from The Rover now in HQ and UHQ
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