Video: Juliette Binoche On Robert Pattinson & That Sex Scene

We saw Julianne Moore giving Robert Pattinson a perfect 10 on Le Grand Journal  when asked how she rated his 'limo sex'.
Now watch how Juliette Binoche reacted when she was shown the Press Conference footage with Rob's response ;)
Starts at 9:02.

Translation (thanks to PattinsonArtwork)

Antoine: Listen to what this big boor said at the press conference: (extract from the MTTS press conference)

Antoine: This is the time of revenge

Juliette: No I remember we started the scene, because I only shot 3 days on the film, and it began with me sitting on him, if you know what I mean, if you saw the movie, I just turned around and I told him: By the way my name is Juliette

Antoine: (Bonjour monsieur!) Hello sir!

Juliette: Hello!


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