VIDEO: LCI/My TF1 News Interview Robert Pattinson

UPDATE: Added transcript of the interview below
VIDEO: LCI/My TF1 News Interview Robert Pattinson

It's dubbed but if you listen really carefully you can hear what he says.

There's a small bit of Rob at the very start but the interview starts properly at the 5:00 mark.

Transcript: (thanks to LeRPattzClub)

At 5.00 – 11.20

Reporter: You're here to present 2 movies, Maps to the Stars and The Rover. In the Rover, you're playing a naive guy. What attracted you in this character?

Rob: The script is so different. It's completely different from everything I've ever done before. I don't know what exactly but something magical happened with this part. I couldn't tell you what but I immediately related to this part as soon as the first reading.

Reporter: Did you fight to get this part since it's so far from Twilight and from the perception we have of you?

Rob: Yeah. I wanted it so badly . I auditioned twice and I hate that. I'm so bad at auditioning. But this time it was different. I didn't want to fail and lose this part. I didn't want anyone else to get it. But the auditions for this part were so weird. They took place in Los Angeles at the director's house and I was there sitting in his living room and I didn't know if what I was doing was good and could please him. But yeah I had to fight for this role.

Reporter: Do you have the feeling that you still have to fight to prove you're not the guy from Twilight anymore? That you can play something different?

Rob: Yeah but all the actors had to deal with it in order to not play the same part everytime. I kind of like it. Sometimes it's so crazy and out of portion how people want to see you fail. But I like it. It gives me energy and the rage to move on.

Reporter: Is it easier to get a part or is it still a fight?

Rob: Every single part which I played, I had to take auditions. Now , to tell you the truth , what's different between these 2 movies and Twilight is that they can finance them just because of my name. So it helps. But you really have to fight to get a part. You still have to audition for everything.

Reporter: What was the biggest challenge for you with your part in The Rover because we don't know anything about your character. We discover him at the beginning and he's hurt, he doesn't know where to go so he gets stuck with the other guy. What was difficult?

Rob: Probably the 1st scene, the one where they meet for the 1st time. I think it was the 1st scene I shot for the movie. This character is a bit crazy and to play him in such a tense moment , when for example he believes he's going to die, it's so hard. He's a simple mind and we don't how how extreme we can be with him. It was kind of tough to do it but it was so much fun. The part was so funny because you can do whatever you want.

(extract from Maps to the Stars)

Reporter: You're also starring in Cosmo.. no Maps to the Stars by David Cronenberg. After working with him on Cosmopolis, how would you describe your working relationship with him?

Rob: With Cronenberg, it's really fun. I get on well with him. I like hanging out with him. I accepted to play on Maps to the Stars before I read the script. I want to be in all in his movies. He's telling interesting stuff. The atmosphere on his sets is always relaxed. Everything seems so easy and fun. His movies are really cool.

Reporter: You're playing an actor who faces hardship and who tries to have his break. He's a limo driver. It's ironic , isn't it? To give you this part?

Rob: Maybe ! What's funny in MTTS is that I'm the only normal person. The others are completely crazy. I like playing this pretty shitty actor. It's kind of fun.

Reporter: Is your conception of Hollywood similar to the one in the movie: as a pitiless, mean and funny universe? Because you are familiar with this universe?

Rob: Yes I guess MTTS gives a rather harsh conception of Hollywood. And a lot of people think it has a dark side. But most of the time it's a rather funny place and a very pleasant place to work in.

Reporter: How do you feel to be here in this film festival with these 2 movies?

Rob: It's amazing ! The atmosphere is electric during the screenings. The audience doesn't hesitate to show their feelings if they don't like it. It's in the very first 10 minutes. It's kind of scary watching stuff but it's exciting.

Reporter: Are you preparing....

And the crew is stopping her because her time with Rob is over.

Thanks LeRPattzClub for the heads up

And it looks like Rob charmed the socks off of the reporter. She gave him the "Palme d'Or" for the nicest guy at Cannes during the press junket. Yeap she Robsessed alright. Check out the video below (from 3.50 to 4.30)


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