EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: 'The Rover' Press Conference With Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce & David Michod + Our Review

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: 'The Rover' Press Conference With Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce & David Michod + Our Review

We were lucky enough to go to the press conference for The Rover last week and you KNOW we got video of it for you!

We got to ask 2 questions (the first one was hijacked a little) but the second one you'll hear Tink announce where we're from. I did camera woman and I can honestly say I didn't breathe for the 30 mins!

We also got to go to 2 Q&A's. We posted the videos for them yesterday, check them out HERE if you missed them.

Watch out for the cute convo at the start before the press conference starts properly ;}}}}
And check out or review of the movie below.


It shouldn’t be a surprise we loved the film. We’ve seen it numerous times and are participating in #RoverTenTimes as well. Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson do tremendous work with Eric and Rey and you find yourself wishing this was a mini-series. We wanted to the adventures to continue for this unlikely pair. The fireside chats alone are some of the best moments in the film. Eric’s cold, facts-of-life bluntness to Rey’s sincere musings and heartfelt struggles.

And when the men aren’t speaking, they hold you with their silence. We could never turn away from the pain bubbling beneath their surface. A particularly poignant stare-match coming at the end when Rey asks Eric what he’s doing. There is so much said between those two in that moment without so much as a peep from Eric.

The effect Rey has on Eric is the heart of this film. It’s their relationship that you find the humanity and soul of The Rover. The humor and the love. It’s there and you’ll see it if you let this film soak into your pores.

The film is frightening in a subtle way too. Not the obvious fright of violent people but an unnerving fright in the subtext. The criminals in the beginning that steal Eric’s car don’t look like stereotypical criminals. Archie, who actually steals the car, looks like he could have been a banker if he had a shower and put on a suit. These were normal people turning towards uglier sides of self when their security and means were threatened. “Grandma” looking every bit the grandma in her environment with her vintage tunes playing, seeming familiar until she opens her mouth to remind you these times are not familiar. The Rover world is scary because it feels completely possible.

Cinematography and sound are characters as well. The landscape is hauntingly beautiful and colors are drenched in light yet still evoke a dreariness, making you feel as alone and removed from life-as-we-know-it as the characters suggest. The musical cues are perfect and the score peaks, plucks and drones. Nothing you can really hum but have to just feel.

Much is said about the ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ scene but rather than looking at the meta humor of it, it feels bittersweet. By this point, you truly want to whisk Rey away from it all as he sits silently in the car after turning off the pop hit. We aren’t the only ones, as Eric is finding it harder and harder to keep his emotional distance.

We connected to the heart of The Rover and to wrap this up, we’ll quote another pop hit. The Rover is a fantastic film, brilliantly led by Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson, that strips away humanity yet still finds love in a hopeless place.

The film opens nationwide June 20th and needs your support. Click HERE to view theater listings.

If you have seen the film or are seeing it tomorrow then please feel free to use this as your Spoiler Post


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