Guy Pearce talks about Robert Pattinson: "This guy is going to have just the most incredible career"

Guy Pearce talks about Robert Pattinson: "This guy is going to have just the most incredible career"

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Excerpt from Den of Geek:

Were you guys uncomfortable during the shoot and did you want to be, to help get into the spirit of the film?

Well, there is a certain level of uncomfortability that's necessary obviously because you're out there in the heat and it's dusty, but I find it awe inspiring as well because that landscape is incredible. You feel like you're just away from everything. You're away from all the noise of the city and all those things that you sort of live your life by these days, iPads and iPhones and all the i's, you know, all that stuff slowly didn't work the further north we got. The phones didn't work and then we sort of lost Internet connection. So it's sort of tough but it's equally kind of inspiring because you're aware of it being put down on film and it being part of this film that you're making. Every kind of difficult and fascinating location we got to, you would just think, "Oh wow, this is going to be incredible on film." We had pretty hot weather but we had breaks in the weather too occasionally, like it would rain and cool down for a bit so we kind of felt like we were okay. I mean it was pretty brutal and pretty hot a lot of the time, and I know it was hot for Rob because he wasn't so used to it. I've done a couple of films in the desert now. I love it out there.

How was it working with Rob? His fame maybe has overshadowed his talent to some degree.

Well, I mean, that performance that you see him deliver in the film -- I detected that on the first or second day or whenever I went to set and watched him work, I was like, "Wow this is going to be great." I mean, Rob is a pretty quietly spoken guy. I think it is difficult for him dealing with all of the publicity that he gets and all that sort of stuff and so he just sort of wants to get out of the way and not get hassled. You don't get too much of a sense of who he is and then he starts performing and you just think, "Wow, this kid's incredible." And you think about the popularity that he has and how amazing he looks, and you couple that with that talent and you think, "Wow, this guy is going to have just the most incredible career." He has an amazing career already, but for him to now be able to just string together one more interesting role after another I think will be fantastic.

He was great to work with. He was so relieved to be out there and not be hassled by paparazzi and press and fans and stuff that he had a really great time. We didn't really know each other very well, in fact we didn't know each other at all and just slowly got to know each other through the course of the film, which was good because we're not meant to know each other at the beginning anyway. We all just sort of slipped into it kind of nicely. There was a nice respect for David and for the movie he was making and for each other, and the characters we were playing. I think what was interesting was once I started to realize what that dynamic between us was going to be -- I got it on the page on an intellectual level, but once I started to see what Rob was doing and how needy and vulnerable the character was, then I really knew what was going to work as far as what I offered up and what I delivered with him. It's always interesting when you are reading relationships in a script, the transition between that and the actual doing of it, once you start meeting actors. Something can go wrong and another actor would be horrible or they could think you're horrible and you just think this is going to be really difficult. But then other times you just go wow, this whole thing is opening up now. Now I get it so it's interesting.


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