More Robert Pattinson Press Conference Videos From The Rover LA + Our Presscon Experience

This is the story of the day just over two weeks ago that we were faced with this looking directly at us!
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Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin...........  

Friday the 13th is supposed to be unlucky. In our world however 13 is a lucky number because it's Rob's birthdate. And for us Friday 13th June turned out to be one of the luckiest days of our lives.

We were fortunate enough to attend the press conference for The Rover at the Four Seasons hotel in LA. We attended the premiere of The Rover and to get the opportunity to go to the press conference as well was just the icing on the cake.

Myself and Tink turned up at the Four Seasons straight from a viewing of the movie (the second in less than 12 hours ;}) but with this being our first ever press conference we were completely unprepared for what was about to face us.

We checked in and headed to the room where the press conference was being held. Right in the front row there were 2 seats waiting for us (the good luck continues). The press conference room was small, intimate and buzzing with excitement.

It felt like we had only been sitting for a few minutes when the energy in the room changed, I turned and looked towards the entrance and in saunters Rob (with David and Guy following close behind).
Rob takes his seat nearest to us and starts chatting to David and Guy.
I started the camera rolling but couldn't quite believe what was happening, here we were sitting less than 5 ft away from Rob with no barriers, no screaming, everything relaxed and calm. Have I died and gone to heaven?

The Press Conference starts. On the drive over myself and Tink had been going through ideas for questions. I asked Tink if she would ask a question she said she didn't think so. I felt like we couldn't let the opportunity go by and not ask something so I said I would . To this day I don't know what made me think I'd be able to, but Rob makes me do weird things (like fly to the US for the first time, on my own). Yeap I get all brave where he's concerned.
Anyway I said once I know what i'm asking, i'll be fine, otherwise I'll just go blank and stutter. So we settled on a question. I had it typed out on my phone for reference and was good to go.
There were 2 ladies at each side of the room with microphones handing them to people to ask questions. The lady nearest us asked if we both had questions and we said yes. She nodded to let us know she'd get to us. The first 10 minutes of the press conference are a complete blur to me. Rob had his hand up to his face, touching his hair, playing with the microphone basically trying to kill us with the handporn. If I valued my life I would have stopped looking and concentrated on David or Guy but it was too late, I obviously had a death wish. I was too far gone and there was no turning back now.

I was jolted back to reality when a voice beside me suddenly piped up "The scene felt sad too though". Next thing whoosh Rob, David & Guy's heads turn and are now looking directly at us. 
Tink, myself and some of the other ladies had been discussing the 'Pretty Girl Rock' scene only that morning after seeing the movie for the first time the night before and we had all agreed that we didn't find it funny at all. 
All the press reviews we had read before seeing the movie had given us the impression that it would be a hilarious scene but we weren't feeling that at all. It made us feel sad and lonely.
Not quite sure if Tink was thinking out loud or not but with or without a microphone she was gonna let them know exactly what we thought about it!
The press conference continued and then it came to our turn to ask a question (legitimately this time LOL) . Tink introduced us and off the top of her head asked a fantastic question. She had a survival technique where Rob was concerned which I wish to God she had shared with me beforehand. DO NOT under any circumstances make eye contact with Rob!
I made the mistake of looking (make that staring) which basically paralyzed me. It worked out well for filming, I ended up being a human tripod.

I mean really ROBERT? What were you trying to do to 2 poor defenceless Robsessed ladies?

 photo tumblr_n7wo5ybqV91qkbr8xo3_400.gif photo tumblr_n7wo5ybqV91qkbr8xo2_400.gif

In the second gif you can see his little grin when Robsessed was mentioned and the devilment in his eyes. Oh yes he knew EXACTLY what he was doing.

After she asked her question Tink went to hand me the microphone but as someone had already asked a similar question to what I was going to ask and because all my brain function had ceased at that point I decided to concentrate on breathing and filming.

All to soon the press conference came to an end. It was the quickest 30 mins of our lives and we would quite happily have stayed in that room forever.

Afterwards we grabbed the chance to say 'Hi' to David and give him a Rover button. Where was Rob while this was going on, you ask? Oh he was just hanging behind David's chair listening to the convo going on, checking out the button and being totally ignored by us {blush}

 photo what.gif

I KNOW, I KNOW! Yes we are the people who run Robsessed and then get within 3 feet of Rob and don't even make an attempt to talk to him. KILL US NOW!

 photo tumblr_n7hgzh9NF11sgh9tbo4_r1_500.gif

We couldn't! We were trying to be all cool and calm on the outside but inside this was happening.

 photo Melting.gif  photo Ovaries.gif  photo Breathe.gif  photo Panic.gif

You get what I'm saying?
Next time we promise we'll try to be more like Rob. We'll be ready and we'll be ballsy! 

 photo BallsyRob.gif

After the press conference we headed up to collect our waterbottles which were a gift for the press from Guy Pearce (you can see him drinking from his in the Press Conference video and they are also featured in the movie).
On the way we passed Dean who was stationed outside Rob's room. We said hello and got a big smile from him. Yeap we spoke to Dean but couldn't talk to Rob! Make sense of that!

We had such a fantastic time and that wasn't the end of it. That evening we viewed the movie AGAIN and that was followed by a Q&A with Rob & David. Talk about Rob overload (if there is such a thing). Upclose 3 times in 2 days!
Was this real life? Did this really happen?  Apparently it did and we have the video to prove it.

You've already seen OUR video from the Press Conference (HERE) but here are 2 other videos from different angles from Fangirlish and Profangirls.

Thanks Tarah for making the Rob gifs


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