Robert Pattinson is "finally on my radar and he is flying high with potential"

Robert Pattinson is "finally on my radar and he is flying high with potential"

While we patiently await the start of Idol's Eye and for WorkingRob to transport back to the 70s, this great editorial from MoviePilot put hearts in my eyes. It's a fantastic read. Someone is having their Rob-aha moment and you gotta check it out.

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Excerpt from MoviePilot:
The roles actors take on in franchises tend to transcend the screens that separate them from their audiences. Many teenage movie goers tend to transpose their lives with those of their screen idols. Fantasies are apt to do that. Lately, when fans of characters are satisfied with the actor who is chosen to play their favorite characters, they become mixed with the madness of summer block buster and their own real life summer romances. This mixture of fact with fantasy can become toxic. Edward Cullen has become Pattinson's Frankenstein. 
As autumn approaches, editors of magazines turn down the heat of summer block busters to a simmer. Content and covers are designed to pull readers in from the summer fun of splashing around cinematic lunacy. On slow burn readers and lovers of film go in search of shards truth. Those whose motivations are to discern fact from fantasy, are not apt to go mad over celebrities. If one is a journalist assigned to interview a celebrity, it takes a patience to provide a space where actors can unwind and open up. My eyes and my mind are constantly in search of actors with whom I seem destined to follow (the last time I swore Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and a few others would be my last 'Brat Pac' to follow beyond my wallet's capacity to justify). Recently, while I scanned the magazine racks at the Barnes and Noble in North Little Rock, I noticed Pattinson's half covered mug peering over a panel. He once again came under my radar. Like my recent blog on the actor Idris Elba, my decision to write about Pattinson stems from the fact that he appeared on the covers of a magazine, Not just that but one I trust. In this case, Esquire Magazine. I read the Esquire article and while doing so, I remembered the reviews of THE ROVER that I had seen on (Grace Randolph's among them). Her review was condemning. Yet judging from his choice of directors Cronenberg (twice), David Michod (the Aussie director responsible for ANIMAL KINGDOM), Werner Hersog and Anton Corjbin with whom he has chosen to work, Pattinson with no compass to guide him, has chartered a course of escape from being just a pretty boy suitable only for tabloid mania. 
While I read the magazine article I laughed at some of the revelations Pattinson shared with writer Sanjiv Bhattacharya. He was engaging and amusing. He shared what his life is like: How he has to find out-of-the way places in order to chill. With all the paparazzi and negative press always lurking, Pattinson's understandable uneasiness still seems penetrable. He opens up; if only as long as the allowable time. I am reminded of the fact that sometimes photographers are only given 15 minutes with the President of the United States. Imagine that, you have only 15 minutes to capture something genuine. In the face of power be it movies star, celebrity or politician, you can not 'flub it up'. What would you I or anyone do? Robert Pattinson is no where near the importance attributed to the great leaders of the world. Yet he has his own 'cross of popularity' to bear. How would anyone of us get beyond that and get to something genuine? 
One wonders if the roles Pattinson has played this far have given him enough distance from his own surreal life as a celebrity. In THE ROVER, he is in a post-apocalyptic world. In MAPS TO THE STARS, he exist in the artificial and sometimes ghostly world of Hollywood. He himself seems to carry with him an enigma that he must constantly deny. If you see his shaved head in THE ROVER, you see a man trying to deny the power that Twilight bestowed upon him. Yet that power helps the directors who decide to help him. He helps them. By his own admission, “I don’t promote their films that much”. Yet his presence brings the bucks.....and the ever weary fan base of his brings the tabloids. NOW THATS POWER. 
Let us hope the the best for Robert Pattinson as he continues to try to awaken from the state of undeadness as Edward Cullen. He is finally on my radar and he is flying high with potential.
Click HERE to read the goodness in its entirety!


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