INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson On The Best & Worst Of Being Famous In 'Estilos' Magazine

INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson On The Best & Worst Of Being Famous In 'Estilos' Magazine

Our reader Maria got a lovely surprise when she opened up her copy of Estilos from the Dominican newspaper El Diario Libre yesterday to find this lovely face smiling back at her.
She very kindly scanned it to share with all of you and also translated the interview.

Thanks so much Maria for sending it onto us!

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There's nothing that we haven't heard before in the interview but we are very grateful to Maria for taking the time to translate it for us.

Interview Translation:

Robert Pattinson: The best and the worst of being famous

Q: Do you think people really know who Robert Pattinson is when they see your movies?
R: I don’t think people really know who I am. And it’s something good. I think that my personality has very little to do with the places people imagine. In order to overcome that my image is saturated everywhere, the best way is to do an interview where I can contradict completely everything they say about me and behave like a completely different person (laughs)

Q: Has anyone ever mistaken you with another actor?
R: Once I was at Comic Con and a journalist thought I had worked in the movie “Snow White”. It was very funny. There were other five journalists there and she kept asking me what it felt to be Prince Charming. I told her she was wrong and even though I kept correcting her she kept refusing to accept that I had done another movie that was not “Snow White”... just because Kristen Stewart was the female lead (laughs)

Q: If you could be another Hollywood star, your age... Who would you pick?
R: James Franco, as an example. He is incredible, for everything he has achieved with his public image. People believe what he does. He is incredible. You see him from a totally different perspective. And I think that it is because all actors have to deal with this kind of mixture between the public’s perception and your characters, because people see us through the eyes of our life and our movies.

Q: Do you miss your character Edward and the “Twilight” super production?
R: I don’t know... It was very strange to stop doing it. I guess if there was another book where Edward becomes a villain or something like that... I don’t know what else can happen with him, beyond doing the same. The last movie was too long. It was two and a half hours long of make up, every day for eight months. It’s something I never want to do again.

Q: The worst side of fame?
R: I would have loved for all of this to happen fourteen years ago, when there were no camera cell phones. It would have been great. Literally, in my imagination, that’s what it would have been being successful in Los Angeles before. It would have been great. If fame only had a good side it would be amazing.

Q: Would you like to go out more without being recognized at all? 
R: Yes. Right now I am the most conservative person in the world because I can’t do anything. Literally, I can’t do anything, and I can’t trust anyone, because it all becomes part of my career.

Q: Has anyone let you down a midst of all this fame?
R: No, not really. But people in my life, my friends or my family, don’t know anything about me, even though it might sound crazy. And with new people you always have your doubts. You don’t know how much I hate camera phones , but there’s nothing I can do.

Q: Have you found some secret way so that you are not recognized when you leave home?
R: Nothing works really. I have used the most stupid typical stuff, like wearing sunglasses and a cap in the middle of the night.

Q: What does work?
R: The places you choose. Places where people can’t imagine I would be, in a way it works. But I have also been in an Indian reservation in New Mexico, in a city in the middle of nowhere, with barely 300 people... and when I came out of the car, not five seconds had passed when someone came shouting “ROB PATTINSON!” The strange thing was filming “The Rover” in Australia, because everyone was Australian and at the end of each day, everyone went home and I ended up dining in the hotel by myself (laughs)

Q: What do you do when you have to go to the supermarket like a normal person?
R: I go to far strange places, where they wholesale and you need to buy a giant box of anything you want (laughs)

Q: Have you had any encounter that you didn’t like?
R: Sometimes. In Germany paparazzi are really annoying. When people want to make money with you it’s really irritating. And also 90% of people that come to me, it’s embarrassing; because they come saying, “Oh, my three year old cousin is a big fan” it’s never them (laughs)

Q: But do you at least like the feminine attention you have achieved with fame?
R: Yes, but all the same... I grew up in a house full of women. All the women in my family have a very strong personality.


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