James Marsh Chats About 'Hold On To Me' & How He Was Excited To Work With Robert Pattinson

James Marsh Chats About 'Hold On To Me' & How He Was Excited To Work With Robert Pattinson

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So Tink went to a screening of 'The Theory of Everything' last night (which in case you didn't know is directed by James Marsh).
There was a Q&A afterwards and after introducing herself as a fan blogger for Hold On To Me she got to have a little informal chat with him about the movie.

Here's what went down (in her words):

"I got a chance to speak to James Marsh tonight about Hold On To Me. I went to a screening for The Theory of Everything and I spoke to him after his Q&A finished. I shared my disappointment that the film was stalled and he felt the same. It was great to talk to him and see him light up about the story. He said he was so excited to have Rob and Carey on board and because they're all British, they were going to have such fun with the dark humor of the story and this subversive look at American culture. He also said they had Adam Driver for the other role - the main guy with Carey's character.
Unfortunately what happened is the typical story with indies. Money. It couldn't be secured and JM was very bummed about this because he loves the story so much and was baffled they couldn't secure financing in time when he had Carey and Rob locked in for a period. TPTB balked at Adam Driver but JM and I both exchanged a look at that, saying and where is he now (Star Wars, Emmy nominee, etc). So basically the convo was both us going ugh and that sucks and this would have been amazing...in so many words. More eloquent but sometimes a good UUUUGH gets the point across. While I didn't have a large attachment to the film since Rob's role was pertinent but small, I was personally bummed the film didn't get off the ground after seeing how enthused JM was for the project and for the actors. And my high regard for him coming on the heels of watching a wonderful film and hearing a diverse and intelligent discussion afterwards. I'm disappointed Rob didn't get a chance to work with JM since we know he wanted to and it's clear why. The way JM was talking - it sounded like he's keeping hope alive for the story because he loved the script so much but I was left with the impression the cast would be different.
I hope Rob gets to work with JM like he wanted to. Maybe it'll be a different project at a different time. If it's meant to be for Rob, it will be."
So there you have it. I think we all pretty much knew at this stage that it wasn't happening since there hasn't been any movement or news about it in a while. It's a pity, but what will be will be. We know that there are great things ahead for Rob and we're so excited to follow him on his journey every step of the way.


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