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Robert Pattinson & An Alligator In "Vanity Fair" - More Details About His Photoshoot

WHAT?? An Alligator??? Oh God.


According to Gossip Cop

Robert Pattinson Poses with Alligator for April Vanity Fair Cover

Robert Pattinson poses with an alligator on the April 2011 cover of Vanity Fair, Gossip Cop is told.

Legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz shot pics of the superstar for the mag’s cover story, which is tied to the release of Pattinson’s upcoming film Water for Elephants.

As for the four-foot reptile, Pattinson’s alligator pal is a nod to the Louisiana set of Breaking Dawn.

In the profile, sources tell Gossip Cop, Pattinson does not discuss his relationship with Kristen Stewart.

Mostly, we hear that Pattinson comes across as a genuinely good guy and reluctant star.

Vanity Fair will be on newsstands on March 3.

Robert Pattinson attends the People's Choice Awards hell or high water

As if we couldn't love Robert Pattinson anymore than we already do....

From Gossip Cop:

Gossip Cop is told exclusively by a source close to Pattinson that the actor is flying from the Breaking Dawn set in Louisiana to the awards show in L.A., just “for an hour, then back to the set.”

We have a gut feeling Pattinson won’t be leaving the People’s Choice Awards empty-handed.

How much do you love him?! He's busy working on Breaking Dawn but he's coming in for just a bit to accept his awards (you KNOW he has to sweep at this rate) and give the fans a look see :))

Marina H., our resident reader and now resident wallpaper maker, created this dashing paper to celebrate the season!


Click and save for the HQ! Cheers to TuxedoRob this award season!!!

Robert Pattinson Confirmed For People’s Choice Awards



Pic Thanks To People's Choice

From Gossip Cop

Robert Pattinson will join Twilight Saga co-stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner at tomorrow night’s People’s Choice Awards, a rep for the show confirms to Gossip Cop.

The ceremony’s expansive guest list also includes like Taylor Swift, Natalie Portman, Katy Perry, Zac Efron and dozens of other celebs.

It will be broadcast live from the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles at 9:00 p.m. on CBS.

Live Streaming Info

The 2011 award season officially kicks off tomorrow with the People's Choice Awards, and Popsugar are going to be broadcasting LIVE from the red carpet and backstage during the show! (Kate: We'll embed it on the blog for you tomorrow, so that you'll be able to watch it right here :-))

The expected attendees are amazing — from some of our favorite Twilight stars including just announced Robert Pattinson. Once the arrivals end, we're heading backstage to catch up with the winners and presenters throughout the night while you're watching the show. We'll also be taking your questions on Twitter and Facebook all evening long so stay tuned!

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Were NOT Asked To Do "Dancing With The Stars"

As Kat suspected a few days ago when she reported this story there's not a word of truth in it.

Gossip Cop clear up the rumour.


“Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart turn down Dancing with the Stars?” asks an article on

The author of the post claims that according to his “sources in the know at a public relations firm that does business with several Twilight cast members, both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were asked to participate in season 12 of Dancing with the Stars.”

The article then states, “Specific details aren’t yet available, other than the concrete reality that neither star will be dancing any time soon.”

Want to know why there aren’t any “specific details”?

Simply, because this NEVER happened.

Firstly, there isn’t a single “public relations firm that does business with several Twilight cast members.”

In fact, the top stars of the Twilight Saga are scattered among many different PR firms. And Pattinson doesn’t even have a press agent.

Still, Gossip Cop looked into this, and there isn’t one shred of evidence that Pattinson and Stewart were even approached by ABC to appear on the show.

It’s simply untrue – no way to dance around that.

Robert Pattinson and Emma Watson Won't Reunite

Just as Kate suspected when posting the rumour below - Robert Pattinson and Emma Watson won't be reuniting any time soon...


Many outlets are circulating a rumor that Robert Pattinson has signed on for his next movie.

According to reports on sites like Glamour UK, the Twilight star and Emma Watson “are to get steamy in a lusty new art-house flick” called Dark Arc, the remake of a 2004 release.

Casey Affleck is supposedly in discussions to complete the film’s “love triangle” connecting an artist, a graphic designer and their muse.

However, the growing speculation online is not correct.

Pattinson is not involved.

A representative for Pattinson tells Gossip Cop the report is “untrue.”

We’re waiting to hear back on Watson.

Gossip Cop

Robert Pattinson Will Not “Kill Your Friends”

Robert Pattinson Will Not “Kill Your Friends”


So as we warned you earlier today when we told you about "The Sun's" story about Rob, take it with a grain of salt.

Gossip Cop have once again cleared up the rumours!

Are prostitutes and drug abuse in Robert Pattinson’s future?

Only if you believe a report from The Sun, which claims the “Twilight” star is “lobbying for a leading role which will see him Hoover up more drugs than PETE DOHERTY and AMY WINEHOUSE combined, sleep with scores of prostitutes and get away with a blood-curdling murder.”

According to the paper, Pattinson would like to star in a big-screen adaptation of the novel, “Kill Your Friends,” about a completely depraved record label guy.

“It’s an incredibly adult character and is bound to shock the tweens who account for such a huge part of Rob’s fan base,” says a so-called “source.”

Nevertheless, the source says, “[Pattinson] is fascinated by the music industry and is keen to get involved in the project… He’s already approached producers telling them he wants to play the leading man.”



A source close to Pattinson tells Gossip Cop there has “not even [been] a passing conversation” about the actor starring in “Kill Your Friends.”

Story “killed.”

Thanks to Crystal for the tip!


From Gossip Cop

The first weekend box office estimates are trickling in, and it appears the Alice in Wonderland bonanza will continue.

Projections place last week’s champ atop the chart again with roughly $60 million in its second week of release, which would push it past the $200 million mark overall.

Remember Me ($9.5 million) is estimated to finish a close fourth behind fellow debuts Green Zone ($15 million) and She’s Out of My League ($10 million).

It will likely battle with the latter for third place until late Sunday.

Friday’s numbers:

$17.4 M – Alice

$5 M – Green Zone

$3.6 M – Remember Me

$3.3 M – She’s Out of My League

Again, these are VERY EARLY estimates. Gossip Cop will have more details and more accurate projections as the weekend continues.

“Charming” Robert Pattinson Tapes “Early Show” Segment

From Gossip Cop

Robert Pattinson will appear on CBS’ “The Early Show” on Tuesday, March 9 in a segment he taped after the show’s regular broadcast three days ago.

A production source tells Gossip Cop Pattinson arrived at the studio at 9:30 AM Tuesday morning, a half-hour after the show finished. At 9:50 AM he sat down with co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez for about fifteen minutes to chat and promote his new film with Emilie de Ravin, Remember Me.

We hear he also joked with Rodriguez about the tabloid whirlwind he now faces, including one crazy claim in a tab that he was pregnant.

(Gossip Cop looked into it. Robert Pattinson is NOT pregnant. We repeat: Robert Pattinson is NOT pregnant.) (Kate: oh thank God for that! (giggle))

Another production source on the scene reports Pattinson was “charming” and “nice to everyone,” from the staff to the interviewer herself, who we’re told “loves him.” (Kate: And how could everyone NOT love Rob)

We’ll update as more details emerge

Robert Pattinson’s Mom Should Be “Very Proud,” Says Someone Who Should Know

And I'm sure she is too!

From Gossip Cop

Gossip Cop was fortunate enough to attend the premiere of “Remember Me,” and was truly impressed with Robert Pattinson.

Without giving away the plot points, “Remember Me” is a very emotional film, and Pattinson leads the charge with an incredibly powerful performance.

But Gossip Cop wasn’t the only who felt Pattinson was gripping onscreen. Quite randomly, as we were hanging out talking to a friend from L.A., one of the film’s actors approached a blonde woman standing next to us and began to sing Pattinson’s praises.

That co-star was Kate Burton, who plays the executive assistant to Pattinson’s high-powered father (Pierce Brosnan). And the blonde woman who Burton approached was the star’s real-life mom, Clare Pattinson.

So what did the actress say to Pattinson’s mom?

Burton told Clare Pattinson that she was legendary screen actor Richard Burton’s daughter – whoa! – and that Pattinson is a special actor, and she should be “very proud.”

Among the others in attendance at the post-premiere party were co-stars Brosnan, Emilie de Ravin, Chris Cooper, and yes, Kristen Stewart, who hung out in the same VIP area as Pattinson.

(Kate : I love this story and that Mama P was there !)

Thanks To Tess for the tip!

OFFICIAL: “No Decision Has Been Made About Breaking Dawn”; However…

Reports everywhere this evening claim “Breaking Dawn” is going to be adapted into two movies.

The official word given to Gossip Cop from a rep for Summit is, “No decision has been made and as we have said all along we are continuing to work with Stephenie Meyer to bring Breaking Dawn to the big screen.”

HOWEVER, a well-placed source tells Gossip Cop dividing Breaking Dawn into two pictures “is the direction that it’s going in.” We’re told that from a practical standpoint, separating the story into two parts and shooting back-to-back is what makes most sense.

Earlier reports seem to be fairly accurate when it comes to timing, specifically, that filming may begin in October.

Gossip Cop will keep you posted when plans are officially finalized.


Thanks to Gossip Cop for the info

Details On The Robert Pattinson “Details” Cover

From Gossip Cop

Message boards and Twitter have been all atwitter about Robert Pattinson’s cover shoot for the March issue of Details magazine.

People are claiming the issue features a partially clothed Pattinson photographed getting “a lap dance,” being “straddled” by a woman,” and even standing while a woman on her knees simulates oral sex on him.

Gossip Cop has the REAL details about what’s really in Details.

First off, Pattinson is FULLY clothed in all of the dozen or so photographs. He’s not even shirtless in any of the pictures.

And there are no straddling shots. No lap dance shots. No simulated oral sex shots. None of it.

While it’s true the models are nude in some pictures, remember that it’s Details magazine, so readers won’t be exposed to their details either.

Insiders tell Gossip Cop the photos are “super sexy,” yet “tasteful.” We also hear the pictures have an “Old Hollywood” feel to them. One source described the photos as embodying “1920s, 1930s Hollywood glamor.”

The Pattinson cover technically hits newsstands on February 23, but Gossip Cop is told some copies will be available a few days earlier.

Robert Pattinson Slated To Appear On “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon”

From Gossip Cop
Robert Pattinson will appear on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” Gossip Cop can confirm.

Gossip Cop hears from multiple sources it’s close to a done deal, and both sides are trying to lock in the exact date. Most likely it will be either March 1 or March 2.

Pattinson will be doing press for Remember Me, his film with Emilie de Ravin.

Gossip Cop will update as soon as the exact date is confirmed.

Fallon, of course, has had some fun at Pattinson’s expense in the past, showing videos of a “bothered” “Pattinson” airing grievances from a tree.

Yesterday we reported that Pattinson and de Ravin will be appearing together on “The View” on March 2.

Robert Pattinson’s Simon Cowell “Record Deal” Isn’t Real

Here's what Rob and Simon think of the rumours! (sorry I couldn't resist)

We can’t help but think The Sun wanted news about Simon Cowell, wanted news about Robert Pattinson, and, when nothing materialized, decided to throw the two together.

Today came a story (picked up everywhere) claiming Cowell has approached Pattinson “to sign a major record deal,” and that Pattinson “can basically write his own cheque.” What’s more, The Sun insists, Cowell’s offer has triggered a bidding war among record labels for Pattinson’s musical talents.

“Twilight fans are such an excitable bunch I’m wary of even letting this out the bag for fear of the hysteria it will unleash,” the item’s author begins, immediately before stirring the pot with no word from Pattinson’s side or Cowell’s. In fact, the only “source” who does speak supplies the story with an easy exit, saying, “Robert is reluctant to be turned into a pop star… He is a bit wary of signing up with Cowell who is, of course, associated with X Factor and pop.”

Gossip Cop is “a bit wary” of the entire premise. While it’s true that Pattinson enjoys playing music – and that Cowell’s partner Simon Fuller is involved in Pattinson’s upcoming Bel Ami project – the actor’s focused on a skyrocketing film career. No one whom Gossip Cop asked about the Cowell rumors said anything to the contrary. So while it’s certainly possible Pattinson could one day put out a record, claims that talks with the X Factor impresario are happening and a deal imminent are off base.

New Moon Parody At The People's Choice Awards

You Tube Version

Thank To Gossip Cop

Robert Pattinson Will NOT Be At People’s Choice Awards

From Gossip Cop
A lot of people asked us whether Robert Pattinson would attend tomorrow’s People’s Choice Awards, the first big Hollywood gathering of 2010.

Gossip Cop has learned that, because of work commitments, Pattinson will NOT be at the show.

Pattinson has been nominated in the “Favorite Movie Actor” category.

The People’s Choice Awards, hosted at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live by Queen Latifah, air tomorrow on CBS.

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart want a baby- Um yeah right

From Gossip Cop
So what’s next for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart after the box office success of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”?

“Rob & Kristen Eager for Baby” announces the always (ahem) reliable National Enquirer.

Oh, boy.

“Great news!” the tab trumpets. “A baby ‘vampire’ will be winging its way to ‘Twilight’ co-stars – and off-screen lovers – Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.”

Yeah, this is going to be even sillier than we thought.

A “source close to the couple” tells the tabloid, “Kristen and Rob want to have kids.” “While they initially felt they were too young, those fears seem to have evaporated,” the source continues, “They feel having a baby would cement their love.”

A “close source” confides the two “would like to be married before having a baby… but if Kristen gets pregnant before they get hitched, that’s OK, too.”

Curious about how the Enquirer backs up its bombshell assertions?

“Back in July, an Australian publication claimed Kristen was pregnant… it turned out she was not pregnant… but they’re working on it.”

You mean this Australian publication? The one that was – as the Enquirer admits – 100% wrong?

(Kate:Here's your sex education lesson for today, listen up now)

Oh, but that’s not all! “The starry-eyed stars were recently snapped holding hands at a Paris airport and were seen cuddling at a concert in August,” the Enquirer whispers.

Cuddling and holding hands??

Gossip Cop takes it back. That’s EXACTLY how vampire babies are made. We remember from vampire sex ed.

(Kate: And don't forget Rob can impregnate with a stare too )

Gossip Cop Looks into Ok Magazine - Robert and Kristen Split

From Gossip Cop

OK! Mag Robsten “Split” Claim Reaches New Depths

Hold on to something, Robsten fans! It’s Wednesday, which means OK! magazine has another “Twilight Exclusive” – and this one’s a gem.

As reported widely, this past Saturday “Eclipse” cast and crew held a rollicking wrap party at the Vancouver Aquarium. The tabloid claims a “brooding” Robert Pattinson arrived alone and left after only 45 minutes, wearing shades and a baseball cap. Why was Rob sad? Well, “sources” tell OK! Kristen Stewart “has shockingly pulled the plug on their romance.”

Yup. OK! has the “exclusive.” Let’s run down some of the key problems the tab cites.

According to a “friend of the couple,” Rob “was talking marriage,” while the still-teenaged Kristen “has a lot more living to do.”

Stewart also supposedly felt as though she was giving Rob too much of her time at the expense of friends and family, with the “pal” saying, “Kristen realized she was giving Rob all her attention to the exclusion of everyone else.”

Then there’s rehashed Taylor Talk. Dredging up months-old rumors that were wrong then and wrong now, OK! somewhat creepily uses “the buff physique of 17-year-old co-star Taylor Lautner” to invent a rivalry between Lautner and Pattinson for Stewart’s affections. On a night she supposedly went out with some girlfriends (sans Pattinson), Stewart “was saying Taylor keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger… She shot some physically intimate stuff with him earlier that day and she couldn’t help noticing his bod. His hot bod.” Yeah, the same hot bod that OK! claims in an item four pages earlier is half of a “heating up” romance with Taylor Swift.

Then there’s the problem of geography. With two months to go “before work starts” on “Breaking Dawn” (um, wrong), Stewart and Pattinson also had supposed “tension” over whether to return to Los Angeles (Stewart’s choice) or London (Rob’s).

Plus, Stewart is “jealous” of the attention Pattinson receives from female fans – a jealousy that has supposedly “ignited some dramas” at the pair’s hotel and during a night out at a Vancouver bar.

And now here comes the best part.

After rattling off this series of, ahem, dubious reasons for the Pattinson and Stewart “split,” OK! turns in an escape worthy of Houdini.

“However, don’t drive a stake into their hearts just yet.”

Wait, what?

“Rob and Kristen would experience terrible withdrawal if they went their separate ways,” the rag’s source “predicts.”

Um… did Gossip Cop miss something?

The cover shows a torn photo of Pattinson and Stewart with “SPLIT!” plastered across it. The story’s headline says the same thing. The sub-head claims, “Kristen calls it quits.” The article itself throws theory after theory at the wall to make the claim stick.

But there… buried twenty-two paragraphs into the story, a “friend” says Stewart “just wants to hit the pause button.” Oh, and don’t be surprised, the tab says, when during promotion for “New Moon” and filming for “Breaking Dawn” “the chemistry will likely fire up again.”

Excuse Gossip Cop while we stand and applaud.

Well done, OK!

So a possible relationship into which the mag had zero insight, and which it breathlessly claims just ended in supposed “heartbreak,” might possibly be reversed almost immediately? Perhaps even by next week’s cover?


By the way, Gossip Cop contacted Stewart’s representative, who laughed and asked of OK!, “Do you really consider them a news source?”

Enough said.

News about Robert Pattinson's "Remember Me"

Gossip cop once again looked into the rumours to clear up the panic. Please don't post any spoilers in the comments, some people don't want to know what is in the script so don't spoil it for them! Thanks

From Gossip Cop

Gossip Cop on Rumors Robert Pattinson Film Changed End

Rumors spread online today that Summit Entertainment has elected to change the ending to Robert Pattinson’s upcoming film, “Remember Me.” Gossip Cop does not want to spoil any plot points. But since the alleged alteration was lighting up message boards, we looked into it and asked a source inside Summit for comment.
We were assured by a rep that claims of a major change are “absolutely not true.”
If rumors persist and are further substantiated, we will do our best to clear up any confusion.

Gossip Cop clears up Robert Pattinson Rumours once again

We LOVE Gossip Cop- Kate

From Gossip Cop:

Tabs Keep Fueling Robsten “Announcement” Rumors

Can someone please check the mailroom over at Grazia? They didn’t get the memo.

The mag is desperate to revive rumors that “Twilight” co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart plan to go public with their reported relationship next month. Gossip Cop already busted this one once, but Grazia adds its own deliciously convoluted spin.

The “reality,” the mag alleges, is that Pattinson and Stewart “were determined not to speak out until they were certain about their future with each other.” Supposedly, away from paparazzi pressures in Los Angeles, Stewart “has found freedom in Vancouver” (um, really?) and has spent enough quality time with Pattinson to feel secure enough to tell the world that he and she are a couple.

The mag then cites Stewart’s comments to Dennis Hopper in the latest Interview, in which she says, “I don’t talk to anybody about my personal life. It’s really important to own what you want to own and keep it to yourself.”

Grazia’s interpretation? Let’s splash pure speculation about Stewart’s personal life on the cover. Because, according to the mag, the actress has now decided that the best way to “diffuse” media attention is to go public. And the tab is very happy to help spread the “news.”
We’ll say it again: Pattinson and Stewart ARE NOT PLANNING TO GO PUBLIC with a relationship next month. Can we please agree to give them privacy until they themselves say otherwise?


Thanks to irishTwiSisters for the mag scan

Robert Pattinson Did Not Co-Write "Remember Me"

Kate: Really ??? I am surprised (NOT). I never thought he did. Don't get me wrong it's not that I thought he wasn't capable of it (I know he would be well able to write it.)

Anyway The whole story came a comment that Rob apparently made to the reporter of GQ Magazine in Australia and is more like a game of Chinese Whispers (did you ever play that in school). I think a lot of journalists like to play this game because the person they are interviewing says something and what they hear and print seems to be totally different.

Once again Gossip Cop with their perfect hearing come to the rescue and cleared up the Gossip!

Here's what they have to say about what was really said :

Setting Record ‘Write’ on New Robert Pattinson Movie

Amid all the “New Moon” and “Eclipse” hoopla, it’s easy to forget that “Twilight” superstar Robert Pattinson will also appear in the upcoming, vampire-less drama “Remember Me.”

(OK – Pattinson’s millions of devoted fans probably won’t forget.)

In any case, a new interview with the actor in Australian GQ magazine has caused a lot of confusion. In it, Pattinson seems to reveal that he co-wrote “Remember Me.”

Here’s the full quote:
“Remember Me seems like a relatively logical next stop for my career. But, still, the only reason I took it is because I have a real personal connection with it. I wrote the script with Jenny Lumet, from an original draft by Will Fetters. Many of the relationships in it are like my relationships with people in my life. And so it’s kind of a little personal thing.”

Taken out of context, that comment could certainly be interpreted to mean Pattinson served as a co-writer on “Remember Me.” But the background is slightly more complex.

At Cannes over the summer, Pattinson spoke about “Remember Me” and said:

“It’s one of the few scripts I’ve read where you finish and realize you didn’t really want it to end … I have no qualms in saying that Jenny is a genius … I went up to her house one weekend and we all hung out there and just chatted about the script and [they] asked me what I wanted from it. She worked on the draft and about a week later she delivered this script. She’d captured little bits of my voice and all the inflections and mannerisms I have.”

So Pattinson didn’t write “Remember Me,” per se, but he did help Jenny Lumet and director Allen Coulter develop how his character is reflected in the script.

Just to be sure, we contacted a source close to Lumet, who told Gossip Cop, “Jenny loves Pattinson, and he had as much input as most stars of his level do,” but noted that the actor is not a member of the Writers Guild of America.

We hope that puts the rumors to rest. Regardless of Pattinson’s “official” involvement in the script, it seems as though “Remember Me” will showcase a character the actor had a hand in crafting.

Picture Source

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