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NEW Photoshoot & Interview: Robert Pattinson Featured In Le Monde Magazine

NEW Photoshoot & Interview: Robert Pattinson Featured In Le Monde Magazine
UPDATE:Added HQ Scans at the bottom of the post

Le Monde Magazine hits news stands in France tomorrow and features a new photoshoot and interview with Rob. As soon as a translation of the interview is out we'll pop it up but for now you can amuse yourself by looking at these gorgeous photos.

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 photo a.jpg  photo Scans__2_.jpg  photo Scans__1_.jpg  photo Scans__4_.jpg  photo Scans__3_.jpg  photo d.jpg  photo c.jpg  photo PAW4.jpg  photo 12.jpg  photo 5.jpg  photo 6.jpg  photo 7.jpg  photo 11.jpg  photo 4.jpg

via Pattinson AW
Thanks Nancy

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 photo MONDEMAG__5_.jpg  photo MONDEMAG__2_.jpg  photo MONDEMAG__3_.jpg  photo MONDEMAG__4_.jpg  photo MONDEMAG__1_.jpg

Thanks Posh

NEW: Robert Pattinson is "the modern version of an antique coin" in the spring campaign for Dior Homme

NEW: Robert Pattinson is "the modern version of an antique coin" in the spring campaign for Dior Homme

This is amaaaaaaazing! DiorRob is here for you!!!

image host

WWD has the scoop on DiorRob's latest campaign, again photographed by Karl Lagerfeld. Check out the details:
Robert Pattinson Exudes Mystery in Nocturnal Dior Campaign
Karl Lagerfeld captured the actor on the streets of Paris outside his photo studio.
Robert Pattinson wears his sunglasses at night — along with a sleek tuxedo and biker jacket — in the spring campaign for Dior Homme, which breaks Saturday in magazines including Citizen K Homme Sport in France, Esquire Big Black Book in the Middle East, GQ in China and Style Magazine in Italy.
Karl Lagerfeld shot the ads in a film-noir style right outside his Left Bank photo studio.

“I love to take photos at night in the streets,” Lagerfeld said. “That is my outdoor studio.”

The designer and photographer is a particular fan of a tiny street that runs between the Rue de Lille and the Rue de Verneuil. “Nobody comes or goes there,” he said.

As for Pattinson, “he is very easygoing and easy to photograph. But at the same time there is something mysterious about him, which I love,” Lagerfeld said. “His profile is the modern version of an antique coin.”

Pattinson was in thrall of the outdoor set.

“I’m always floored at the undeniable beauty of Paris. And at night in the alleys and the side streets, emptied of crowds, it’s almost more breathtaking,” he told WWD. “Contrasting shadows make everywhere you look seem like a frame from a movie.”

In the throes of an expansion drive under Serge Brunschwig, the number-two executive at the French fashion house, Dior Homme runs multiple campaigns customized for various media channels. Fall spots feature personalities including rapper A$AP Rocky and filmmaker Larry Clark.

Kris Van Assche, creative director of Dior Homme, said Pattinson embodies “a rebellious contemporary icon” and is part of “the exploration of the diversity of the Dior Homme man.”
Source | Thanks Cali!!

NEW INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson Talks About Working On Smaller Film Roles, Refusing To Do Media Training & MORE

NEW INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson Talks About Working On Smaller Film Roles, Refusing To Do Media Training & MORE

I'm so greedy, I want to hear the FULL audio from this interview. For now I'll just have to put up with reading it (and letting the little soundbite we have play on loop).


image host
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Mr. Pattinson, are you disillusioned with your career?

I think a lot of actors get disillusioned and say, “Oh, I thought it was going to be one way, and it’s something else.” I never thought anything was going to be any particular way at all! You know, in the good times and the bad times, they’re all just new experiences. So I can’t really be disillusioned with anything because I didn’t have any expectations at all.

What about people’s expectations of you?

I’ve never really acknowledged people’s expectations of me. A lot of actors sort of fall into the job and feel like they’re going to get “found out,” like, found out that they’re a fraud or something like that. I think loads of people feel like that. I did a film with Anton Corbijn called LIFE where I played the photographer who shot those famous photos of James Dean and there are a lot of parallels between an acting career and a photography career.

Like what?

Both of them are almost entirely dependent on the material, especially if you’re doing stuff like taking photos of famous people and really talented people who are incredibly interesting and charismatic. As an actor, you want to be an artist, but you’re so dependent on everybody else! And even if you’re great in something, there’s only a few actors who the audience acknowledges that they were the reason something’s good. With a photographer, it’s very difficult to claim stuff, too.

As someone who has been hounded by the paparazzi more than most, was it cathartic to switch roles and play the photographer for once?

It was quite strange walking up to the Chateau Marmont as a paparazzi. It was very weird at the actual place. I don’t know if it was cathartic. Maybe it would have been if, because of him being paparazzi, he ends up getting beaten to death…

They’re just people, too.

Well… In fact, not at all. That’s probably why my character was so filled with self-loathing, because he’s a paparazzi. (Laughs)

When your career started off you had some trouble with photographers yourself.

When Twilight first happened, a lot of the franchise people at the time were under strict control by the studios and stuff, so they did it quite “kid-friendly.” And I think for the first few months I kept getting photographed, like, being drunk and smoking cigarettes and things. So I think that’s kind of why people said it was a bit different. But I think the landscape has changed so much. I remember even people like Colin Farrell and stuff. I guess when he was super wild, that was only seven years ago, eight years ago, but I don’t even think you’re allowed to be like that anymore.

Why not, what would happen?

If you do that now, you just don’t get employed. At all. Everyone wants you to be so vanilla! It’s so lame! So, everyone’s just like secret drug addicts instead. (Laughs)

Did you have interview training once you signed on to do Twilight to keep all of your comments vanilla?

Yeah, Summit put me in media training because I was doing too many stupid interviews. I just wanted to tell jokes and stuff and then they sent an email afterwards saying that I refused to cooperate with the media training! It’s my agent’s favorite email she got because she thought it was so hilarious that I refused to relent to the media training.

Would it be possible for you to still be friends with a journalist?

I think it works until you get to a certain level of fame. Before the first Twilight came out there were a couple of journalists who I got on with. They did good profiles on you and stuff and they’d kind of champion you for a bit. But I think if you do too many interviews, people aren’t interested in the nuances of what you’re saying. You’ve just said too much and you end up repeating yourself. The editors are like, “Get him to say something that makes him sound like an idiot or get him to say something controversial.”

That’s pretty much exactly how it goes for many publications, sadly.

Yeah and I think you can’t really be that close with a journalist when you can see them, like, needing you to say something bad for their own jobs. I know actors who have made deals with paparazzi and stuff – it always backfires. Always. Because, like, you just shouldn’t. As soon as you start throwing shit around, you’re going to get covered in shit.

Well, after Twilight ended you’ve been choosing to work with auteurs like Herzog, Cronenberg, Anton Corbijn, and James Gray on smaller projects where your exposure is a lot different.

The last few years I’ve basically done stuff just for the director. After working with Cronenberg on Cosmopolis it just opened stuff up. People approach you in a different way. And now I’ve done a few other things and it kind of just works on a roll, being able to work with these auteur-y kind of guys. It’s quite nice to do smaller parts, so the film doesn’t totally rely on what I do in it. I get to work with who I want to work with and it’s not my fault if it doesn’t make any money!

After working with a few of those directors, has there been a moment where you noticed the difference in how they work?

There was a moment at the end of The Rover. We had just wrapped and David Michôd was standing in the middle of the parking lot we were just shooting in. He looked sort of weird and was watching people packing stuff up. And I was like, “You all right?” And he said, “Yeah, I just think I’m only going to have like six more of these days in my life, so I just want to feel it for a second.” It’s so funny the difference between someone who is doing a job essentially for their next job, or somebody who has written it, produced it.

Someone who is going to devote several years of their life to it when it’s all said and done.

Yeah, you can feel it. It’s much more exhilarating and fun to try to fulfill someone’s dream. A lot of the time you’re working with someone and they don’t really know what they want and they don’t even necessarily want to do the job they’re doing. So you’re just trying to not drown and they’re panicking the whole time. It’s horrible. But with people who are confident and believe in their projects, it’s a completely different experience.

Thanks Robjectify & Nancy

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson & Dane DeHaan Talk 'Life'

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson & Dane DeHaan Talk 'Life' 

Starts at the 0:55 mark. Hopefully we'll get to see more from this at some stage.
I'm greedy. I want MORE!

Thanks Robjectify

AUDIO INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson Talks About His Beard, Instagram & More To Anna Wollner

AUDIO INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson Talks About His Beard, Instagram & More To Anna Wollner

 photo NEW Fan Pics Robert Pattinson Berlin Life press conference 35.jpg

Click on the pic below to listen to this short audio interview with Robert Pattinson. I wish it longer but the good news is IT'S NOT DUBBED!!!!

You can also Download it from the website if you wish!


 photo Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 18.02.47.png


NEW Robert Pattinson Dior Pics, Call 911

NEW Robert Pattinson Dior Pics, Call 911


 photo gallery-02_visual-15.jpg


 photo gallery-02_visual-16.jpg


Photographer Jana Cruder Talks About Her Photoshoot With Robert Pattinson

Photographer Jana Cruder talks about her photoshoot with Robert Pattinson where she captured the gorgeous image below.
Looking forward to seeing more of her fabulous work.


It was a warm day in LA, I had an hour to set up and moments to create. I did what I usually do, arrived early, game plan in mind, gear charged and ready to go. I checked into the hotel, set up my scenes, tested the lights and walked myself through what my 5 minutes with Robert would be. The clock ticked away, he was 3o minutes late. I was convinced they cancelled. Moments after that my client walked in and said they're on their way. My heart started racing and my fingers started sweating. (Kate: we hear you!) I double checked everything again, lights, cameras and exposure readings.

Robert walked in, said hello and shook everyone's hand, I introduced myself as his photographer and he looked at me and said " I like your pants " happy I chose the yellow ones that day. I had set up in a small room in the suite and after Robert and I entered my client shut the door. That was a blessing. I was happy it was him and I, being one on one with those in front of my lens helps me connect in and have a real chance to talk, try to know each other in a short amount of time where we both feel vulnerable, who is he and who am I? We talked and we worked through the set up's I had, My brother was in town visiting so I looped him in to help hold a reflector and Robert and him started a conversation about the tattoo my brother had, a-ha a Star Wars fan, of course who isn't. A moment later, a voice yells through the door " 1 minute " Robert and I look at each-other like wow - really?! We're just getting going.

I still had more ideas and images to make. I asked if he wouldn't mind stepping outside, for something a little different and he agreed. I pulled out one of my magic makers and it immediately caught Roberts attention, he was very intrigued, I gave it to him and he played with it and loved the idea of an image with it...that moment created an opportunity to create this image, by bringing him into the process of the image creation I felt I earned a touch more of his trust. Together we made #MAGIC he was so nice and I hope to have more opportunities to create and collaborate with him.(Kate: SO do we!)

After all that is what its all about.

Check out Jana's Pics of Rob on her Site HERE

Robert Pattinson: "I’d quite like to do a comedy at some point"; "I’m doing another ad for [Dior] soon"; & MORE!

Robert Pattinson: "I’d quite like to do a comedy at some point"; "I’m doing another ad for [Dior] soon"; & MORE!

image hostUPDATE: The Detroit News Robert Pattinson gets down and dirty in 'The Rover'
His name is Rey and he does not look, talk or act like anybody’s idea of a teen heartthrob.

His teeth are crooked and foul. His hair is a bad bowl-buzzcut. He’s dirty from head to toe, and when he manages to speak, he mumbles disjointed sentences, often repeating them for no good reason.

He certainly bears little resemblance to the world’s most handsome vampire, the perfectly coiffed, sparkly skinned Edward Cullen, hero of the “Twilight” franchise. And yet Rey, the train-wreck at the center of the post-apocalyptic manhunt “The Rover,” is indeed played by the usually dashing Robert Pattinson.

“I generally don’t get picked for these parts,” Pattinson admits on the phone from L.A. “There’s about five actors who seem to have a lock on the weirdos. I’ve never really been perceived to be one of them — up until now maybe.”

How badly did Pattinson want the part? He auditioned for it. Twice.

Understand, this is a guy whose last movie, “Breaking Dawn — Part 2,” earned $829 million worldwide.

But he understood the need for an audition.

“Well, it’s very different from who I am, personally. There’s no way of really proving that I could have done it by just talking about it,” he says. “It would have been a giant leap of faith.”

Pattinson, 28, saw the jittery, perpetually insecure Rey as a literal underdog.

“In a pack of dogs there’s always one who will completely accept the beta position,” he says.

To help him find the right mindset, director David Michod had Pattinson watch the documentary “Bully,” which follows the lives of kids who are constantly picked on. The actor understood right away.

“People have been accusing you of having something wrong with you for so long that you believe it,” he says. “No one’s expecting anything from you, you stop thinking, you’re a dependent. You don’t have any choice. Really, the only thing he feels is fear of everything.”

It helped that co-star Guy Pearce happens to be a fairly imposing presence.

“Guy’s just got this constant pressure on you in a scene. And he’s got such a singular focus that you kind of end up just falling to pieces,” Pattinson says. “It’s like you’ve got a laser beam on you.”

Pattinson certainly has experience with bright lights. Born and raised in London, he started working in amateur theater at age 15. An agent spotted him there and by 2005 he had landed a small part in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.”

By 2008 he’d been chosen to play Edward Cullen in the “Twilight” series. Five movies and countless magazine and tabloid covers later, the franchise concluded last year with “Breaking Dawn — Part 2,” having earned more than $3.3 billion.

Pattinson has learned to adapt to the spotlight over the years, and he even ventures out into public on occasion these days.

“You sort of weigh up what you want your day to be. If you say my friends are going to a movie or whatever and if you go you’re probably going to get a bunch of photographs taken of you,” he says. “Sometimes you’re cool with it, other times I don’t want to be bothered to deal with the stress of it. But I’ve definitely figured out a more balanced way to live than four years ago.”

Along with celebrity, “Twilight” brought Pattinson high visibility within the film world, and he’s been working with some of the most respected people around. He did “Cosmopolis” with director David Cronenberg in 2012 and stars in Cronenberg’s upcoming “Maps to the Stars.” He’s playing T.E. Lawrence in director Werner Herzog’s “Queen of the Desert,” alongside Nicole Kidman and James Franco, and has “Idol’s Eye,” with Robert De Niro and Rachel Weisz, coming up.

Pattinson says “Twilight” probably gave him a boost with his peers, but he’s not sure how much of one. “Within the industry, lots of people I work with, none of them have seen ‘Twilight’ — but then Werner Herzog loves ‘Twilight’!” he says. “I think it’s helped me out in a lot of ways. You have to kind of figure out how to ride the wave afterward.”

And he wants to keep riding that wave, chasing the acting high.

“I guess I was a relatively shy person when I was younger. I still am kind of. It’s nice to challenge yourself, especially in big emotional scenes with a part you’re not capable of doing. To be able to challenge yourself in that way, it’s quite exhilarating,” Pattinson says.

“Especially when it goes right,” he adds. “It could be the worst thing ever.”

image hostThe Star Online Robert Pattinson steps out of Edward Cullen’s shadow.

Welcome back Robert Pattinson.

After the end of the Twilight saga, in which Pattinson played the beloved vampire Edward Cullen, the actor seemed lost.

What to do next?

His financial manager believed buying a US$6mil (RM19.4mil) mansion in Beverly Hills would be a wise investment. After all, he had all the money he could ever want ...

Meanwhile acting offers poured in, but the choices he made were none too wise. Then there was that split from the love of his life Kristen Stewart. How could she have cheated on him with her married director (Rupert Sanders who helmed Snow White And The Hunstman)!

But that was then.

Now, suddenly Pattinson’s career is in overdrive. He stars in two films that were the talk of the recent Cannes Film Festival: David Cronenberg’s corrosive Maps Of The Stars and David Michod’s dystopian The Rover.

But that’s the least of his life changes.

No longer cloistered in a four-bedroom mansion, Pattinson now lives a solitary life. He still keeps in touch with his Twilight co-stars, such as Kellan Lutz, with whom he loses money playing poker.

But he’s the first to concede: money doesn’t consume him.

No longer a homeowner, he now lives in a rental (but still in a posh gated community in Beverly Hills.). He sleeps on an inflatable mattress moving from room to room, no furniture to speak of. He’s mislaid much of his possessions including his wardrobe and his DVD collection.

At a recent press conference in Beverly Hills for The Rover, he’s as unassuming as he always was.

I remember once asking him about being fired on opening night at London‘s prestigious Royal Court Theatre.

 Instead of showing mild embarrassment he responded: “It was the best thing that could have happened to me and a good lesson.”

After a small but significant role in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, flew to Los Angeles with his agent’s blessing. Things didn’t go well at auditions, even the one for Twilight, but author Stephenie Meyer saw something there.

At 21 he might be a little old for the part, she thought, but she gave him just the advice he needed.

“Shave twice,” Meyer told the heavily bearded young man, and of course the rest is history

You shot The Rover in Australia. How’s it like roughing it out for a change?

I liked Australia. I had only been to Sydney just to do press before. Working in the Outback was a totally different world, but I loved it out there. It was beautiful, kind of serene being able to see the horizon. There’s just absolutely nothing for miles, hundreds of miles. Not only were there no people trying to find you, there was no one there at all so it was much easier to concentrate on your performance and not have to worry about someone trying to sneak up on you. I found it incredibly peaceful and relaxing.

What was it like working with David Michod and Guy Pearce?

I had done the audition with David a long time before we started shooting. We went through tons of different incarnations of my character. There was one point where I wanted to have the tops of my ears snipped off because I had seen pictures of thieves in the Wild West and they used to do that to thieves. We talked for months before, so I was pretty comfortable.

And then when Guy came on – I only met him about a week before we started shooting – I got on with him really well. He’s the type of actor who doesn’t have any acting crutches to fall back on. He creates something new every time, and it allows for anxiety, something I’m familiar with, so we were like equals when we were performing.

Have you located your missing clothes and DVDs?

I’m sure they’re in some random storage box somewhere. The other day I was trying to find my Teen Choice Awards to display them in the corridor of my house, a glory corridor to make people feel intimidated as they walk in, but I couldn’t find them.

You are the face of Dior Homme fragrance. Dior can probably help you out with some clothes?

I never really saw myself doing an endorsement deal. I met a few people who work for Dior and I just really liked them. It sounded cool to do the job and I wanted to work with Romain Gavras (who directed the Dior Homme commercial).

Dior is a great label. It’s something good to be associated with, but I barely do anything for them. Occasionally I have to go to some Dior parties, which is great. I’m doing another ad for them soon and I’m strangely excited about that.

You are rumoured to play Han Solo in the reboot of Star Wars. Is that true?

I’m always a little bit wary of stepping into the shoes of an already established character. It’s scary, especially doing something like that where there are so many expectations before you even start doing the job. It’s a massive undertaking it’s nothing like doing an indie for two months.

So is it happening?

I haven’t been approached by anyone, but I’m open to absolutely everything.

What kind of stories appeal to you?

I don’t really look at films as stories. It’s really just about character. I never really look at a script as a whole.

This movie I’m doing with Olivier Assayas at the end of the year, it’s a big ensemble thing, but my focus is on my character. There is something specific about him. It’s an interesting take on a criminal’s psychology.

So I never really look at a script as a story, not even in terms of genre. But having said that, I’d quite like to do a comedy at some point, but I’m not really seeking stuff out.

What does the future hold for you?

I want to keep doing exciting, ambitious projects. You try and do things which are challenging, and hopefully people will appreciate that.

MORE DIORROB?? Yes please!!! Robert Pattinson talks about doing more Dior to Vogue Australia!

MORE DIORROB?? Yes please!!! Robert Pattinson talks about doing more Dior to Vogue Australia!

More DiorRob woah!!! Yes Please! "I think I am doing another one with them (Dior)"

Vogue Australia 

Cersei! My angel, thank you. xx

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmm: Robert Pattinson and the 19723039th Dior Rumor

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmm: Robert Pattinson and the 19723039th Dior Rumor

Welcome to another edition of "Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmm"!

 photo Thinking2.gif

Dior is killing us. KILLING US. We're all about to be shipped off to Crazytown behind our DiorRob dreams.

 photo Torture2.gif

Here's the latest....

Dior tweeted yesterday another tortuous tease:
Can you feel what's in the air? A ripple of restlessness...a wave of excitement...But what's it all about? You'll know the answer soon enough, so try to be patient! And you won't have to wait for long, for that patience will be rewarded tomorrow, right here on DiorMag
That was just enough to jumpstart our DiorRob engines since the last rumors said May/June was THE TIME but our patience is wearing thin.

 photo GiveittomeNow.gif

So we waited. And speculated. I was examining the little collage of pics and google searching the stairs at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC. Then this morning is was revealed that the Dior secret was their Resort 2014 collection....

 photo NotPleased.gif

Sigh. People vowed to never believe in DiorRob again. Called it a myth. Urban legend! I would have SO loved to join that team except for a couple of things.

 photo DiorRob.gif

Yes. Rob. It's not even the initial rumors that keep my hope alive. It's Rob! There are secrets in those eyes. DiorRob is brewing in that smile! AND there's this....

 photo RobertPattinsonNYCfan1.jpg  photo CutieRob.jpg  photo RobFan.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonNYCfan5.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonNYCfan4.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonNYCfan3.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonNYCfan2.jpg

That's Rob outside the Waldorf Astoria in NYC back in December. Fans reported he was there filming a commercial, saying Rob was surprised they found him, snapping Dean in the process which also proved Rob was working....UGH.

How can you let DiorRob dreams die when we have Rob dodging questions and popping up mysteriously at the Waldorf to work?? Now the whole point of this edition of "Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmm" is because of the following tweets, the first two were back from December.

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-19at52149PM.png photo ScreenShot2013-05-19at52203PM.png

Yes, @rockhead21. Tell us more. Except he didn't.

Until TODAY.

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-19at62248PM.png

 photo ORLY.gif

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-19at53218PM.png

 photo EXCITED-1.gif

Oh man. Thank you very much Mr. Rockhead. We'll continue to keep you guys posted. KEEP HOPE ALIVE. DiorRob is not a figment of our imagination!

 photo weeUHok.gif

Thanks to the following for giving me a heads up or having the caps of tweets for our never ending DiorRob exposure mission: Flying099, Clara, Clem, hcc36 and huguRob

Details Of The "Breaking Dawn Part 1" Extended Edition French DVD

Details Of The "Breaking Dawn Part 1" Extended Edition French DVD

Photobucket We told you in a previous post last month that there's going to be an extra 7mins of "Breaking Dawn Part 1" attached to the French "Breaking Dawn Part 2" DVD/Blu Ray.

Well now there's some more information about it.........

An extended edition of Breaking Dawn Part 1 will be released in France in a limited edition on February 8

This version will contain the fourth chapter of the Twilight saga with an additional 7 minutes compared to the original film
(which is hopefully similar to what the rest of us will be getting ;-))

These 7 minutes contain the following scenes:
  •  Revised opening scene with the Volturi
  •  Revision of the extended flashback of a young vampire Edward Cullen
  •  New scene during the honeymoon
  •  2 new scenes Cullen home
  •  Extended version of the fight scene between Edward / Jacob and the other werewolves
  •  New scene with Jacob caregiver
The DVD will also revisit the film's credits and audio commentary by Bill Condon.
You can already pre-order the DVD HERE

Source via TwilightBelgium
(Translated using Google Translate)

Things that make you go hmmmmm: Dior launching new mens fragrance early 2013 and we wonder if Robert Pattinson knows something about that

Things that make you go hmmmmm: Dior launching new mens fragrance early 2013 and we wonder if Robert Pattinson knows something about that

UPDATE: Two more things that make you go hmmmmm!
  • We know one of the frangrance blogs below still listed Jude Law as the face of Dior Homme -"The face of the perfume is Jude Law, photographed by Peter Lindbergh." Here's what we think. At press time, there is still no official announcement so the perfume blog goes with Jude who is the last to represent Dior Homme. We contacted the blog yesterday but are waiting on a response. I still have my money on Rob. ;)
  • GQ posted another Best Dressed Men list yesterday and Rob was on it. Well he's kind of always on it now. What was interesting....INTERESTING....was what they said in their blurb about Rob - "By the time you read this, everyone’s vampire of choice may be confirmed as the new face of Dior Homme."

Photobucket The rumors swirling around Rob being the new face of Dior mens fragrance keep mounting up. We had the first fire started by eOnline. Click HERE to read their report that Rob signed a 3 year deal with Dior and will collect $12 million. But then The Hollywood Reporter threw some water on that fire HERE. Claimed it was still only a rumor. Rob was asked about it during BD2 promo and his poor poker face HERE started the fire back up until we got pics of him in NYC HERE filming what people said was a commercial for Dior and well....everything is blazing!

Well how about we stoke the flames and go "HMMMMMMMMM" some more?

Fragrance blogs and outlets are reporting a new Dior Homme Cologne being launched early 2013:Photobucket
PerfumeMaster: Fragrance Dior Homme Cologne 2013 cologne for Men by Christian Dior was introduced in 2013. Christian Dior Dior Homme Cologne 2013 is classified as Citrus Aromatic fragrance. Scent notes of Dior Homme Cologne 2013 Christian Dior include top notes of Bergamot, middle notes of Grapefruit Blossom and base notes of Musk. Christian Dior Dior Homme Cologne 2013 fragrance composition is a creation of Francois Demachy. 
Fragrantica: Dior Homme, masculine fragrance from 2005, got a lot of re-editions including Dior Homme Cologne that was first launched in 2007. In early 2013, Dior presents a new version of Dior Homme Cologne. The new fragrance is announced as a modern cologne - simple, natural and sophisticated. It consists of citrus, floral and musky accords. Francois Demachy formulates the composition of precious raw materials of Calabrian bergamot, Italian grapefruit blossom and sensual musk. The fragrance gives a sense of purity of white cotton shirt and freshness that lingers after showering. Main Accords - Citrus, Musky, White Floral, Fresh Spicy, Aromatic, Fresh. 
MissFashionNews: Following the masculine accords of Dior Homme (2005), Dior Homme Cologne (2007), the house of Dior adds another edition, the new and once again updated Dior Homme Cologne. Created by François Demachy, this fragrance is a modern version of clean and simple cologne. Composted with raw, the cologne captures the essense of a crisp clean shirt, squeaky pure freshness with a just stepped out of the shower feel. Italian grapefruit blossom, Calabrian bergamot and notes of musk. Dior Home Cologne will be available in a 75ml and 125ml. 
Basenotes: A new version of Dior Homme Cologne is coming in January/February, at least in Europe. Notes: Bergamot, Grapefruit Blossom and Musk.
So! What have we here from this quick sampling of info on Dior Homme Cologne 2013.....
  • Early 2013/January or February
  • Modern cologne
  • Simple
  • Natural
  • Sophisticated
  • Pure freshness
  • Essence of a crisp, clean, white cotton shirt
  • Just stepped out of the shower feel
  • Italian grapefruit blossom
  • Calabrian bergamot
  • Sensual musk
  • Robert Pattinson (Tink: I added this last note because come ON. Release the Kraken already!)

*buys stock in Dior before rewriting will*
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