MTV Italy Has Robert Pattinson At The Top Of It's List

Sexy Boys - 1. Robert Pattinson


Source MTV Italy
Thanks to Sleeper for the tip


Haystackhair said...

LOL, yes Rob should always be #1. Funny how the "couple" who hasn't admitted to being a couple can be on #1 lists. LOL

MMc said...

An IMDB user, said he saw the trailer for Eclipse and this is according to her description of the trailer:

The first part is from New Moon.La the end. Where Edward says "Marry me Bella." Then comes the Summit logo.

Part 2:
You hear a radio or something saying that there has been a lot of killings in Seattle and we see Riley running.

Part 3: Then we see Bella telling Charlie "I do not want to go to Seattle. It is not safe "

Part 4: After the fourth we see Bella talking to Edward about how scared she is poru Victoria is behind it.

Part 5: The end of the trailer happens on a top of a mountain and we see Victoria coming for Bella

Part 6: we listen to Bella screaming "EDWARD" after the logo appears.

Ana73 said...

isn't rob the top of everyone's list for 2009 :))

femroc - that is interesting...this is going to be a L O N G six months til eclipse.

haystack - you are funny, the couple that isn't a "couple".

Karina said...

ew, i"m rather excited for eclipse, I think DS is gonna put a some much needed umphh into the franchise. I was scared initially for DS to direct it, but I think the first two movies are a sign that maybe someone like DS will help balance out the sentimentality that seems inherent in the work.

Cute robert's on top of all lists, but of course he is.

Anonymous said...

[Part 3: Then we see Bella telling Charlie "I do not want to go to Seattle. It is not safe "]

I think Charlie is the one that doesn't want Bella to go to Seattle, but the movies never go according to the books so...I'm excited too.

RPLover said...

I guessing that was just a typo, and a "you" was left out. Charlie told Bella that he didn't want her to go to Seattle because of the killings.

I'm starting to get Eclipse fever!

Anonymous said...

I guess they are guessing they are a couple.. actions speak louder then words.. yay Rob!!

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