Robert Pattinson Magazine Round-Up

New Moon Collector Edition

Hänt Bild (Sweden)

Rob feature: It's a true or false. "Does Rob stink" It says it's true, that his co-stars has confirmed this. But Rob himself said in an interview "please tell fans I do not Stink" so don't take this feature to serious.

Elle (France)


GT (Gay Times)

In Touch

Veckan Nu (Sweden)

Rob and Kristen plans for a baby after buying house and getting married
That's all I'm going to translate because you can guess the truth quality in this one ;)(Kate: Emm ya thanks I think I can guess the rest ;-))

Sci-Fi Now

Total Film

Thanks to Gossip-Dance for all the scans and the translations


KIMMY said...

I know I should feel good for Rob that he can enjoy the holiday without being photographed every minute of each day, but honestly I miss him already :(.

Sunshine said...

That's it. I'm almost ready to forgive paps one fresh photo. Sorry Rob! But it's not likely going to happen in London.

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Me too RPVN...

I'm happy for him and selfishy sad and miss him.

MMc said...

It bothers me that he's in Gay Times!

Not that there's anything wrong with that!


hope he's having a great christmas with his family but I do miss him too!!happy he's dissapear.
@femrock I ws wondering that too isn't kinda awkard having him in gay magazines???mmm wonder how he feels?

Shani said...

femroc- I agree about the Gay times. But everybody crushes.So....

Ok then, we do miss Rob, but I'm happy he has this time to share with family and friends away from the spotlight of fame.

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