Robert Pattinson on E! News and Access Hollywood

Robert Pattinson in Access Hollywood's IT list:

E! News talks about Remember Me:

Thanks Spunk Ransom :)


Mari said...

I just Love access Hollywood interviews !!!

Can't wait for Remember Me !!! I read the script and it really shocked me !!!

Boas Festas for all you guys !!!!

Kisses from Brazil !!!

dabby said...

can't wait for remember me..missing rob so much!hi goz:)

Haystackhair said...

GAH, cannot wait for this movie. Saw the trailer again last night on the big screen before NM vieweing #4!!!

MMc said...

I don't hear anything after he says he just got rid of his dandruff!! The sound is gone!! What's up with that?

Cute that he mentioned that - to put her off from touching his hair - I don't like her - she's the one that dissed him for walking off after some award show when she was interviewing the others.

Carole UK said...

Hey ladies, I'm really looking forward to Rememember Me - but I don't want to know what happens before hand..... can we please not post spoilers?

Many thanks,

Sarah said...

good LORD that host is so fucking annoying. most entertainment hosts are. geez louise, i hate the entertainment media and their ridiculous glorification of "stars."

pattinsoncheeseburgs said...

Argg!! Why does she get to touch his hair!!! Well I ever got to touch his beautiful hair..I would purpesaly get my hand stuck so I would never have to let go!! ;)
I can't wait for remember happy that it's coming out at my b-day..march 12 in Canada!!

RPLover said...

ITA with femroc...this chick bugs me. she made such a big deal about him getting pulled away after the TCA's-it wasn't his choice!-and now she acts all lovey-dovey and has the gall to ask to touch his weird would it be for someone to do that to you? bleh.

as always, though, Rob is a gentleman. I'm so freaking excited for RM!

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