Robert Pattinson: Scans from Sorrisi e Canzoni (Italy)

I'm sure Rob will never live the Zygote pictures down...

Article taken from "Sorrisi e Canzoni" weekly magazine n°51 - week from 19 December to 25 December 2009

Are you ready to be shocked? Here's how were the "New Moon" heroes before of the worldwide success

Robert Pattinson - Twilight saga main character has begun like model:
when he was 15 (here on the right) wearing socks and boxer he wasn't so sexy...

Kristen Stewart - Before to perform Bella's role has done the bank's thief in "Catch That Kid" (2004). Here (in the photo) with "High School Musical" actor Corbin Bleu.

Taylor Lautner - Check the world fascinating werewolf in 2005 : was a baby hero in "The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D" film.

Scans and ranslation from NocturnalConcerto

Source Irish Twilight Sisters


Karina said...

bwaahahah. That doesn't even look like his actual leg-it's all out of proportion with the rest of his body, it looks like a mannequin leg! If the photo ISN"T photoshopped, it's possibly the worst picture ever of him. lol

Kristen and Taylor's baby pics are cute though.

RPLover said...

ahhh! my eyes! I need a warning before I get hit with the zygote!


drabrasil said...

Jesus.. that pic of Rob is something... gahhhhh

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