New/Old Robert Pattinson "Vanity Fair" Outtakes

How many of you remember "Vanity Fair" Robert Pattinson from 2009?
I bet a lot of you do. I know it was one of my Favourite Photoshoots. Why did I love it so much? Well what's not to love about it?

It had Rob in his pj's wrapped in a blanket (how I'd love to join him in that blanket), looking HOT in a suit, playing the piano by the sea (coz that's the best place to play piano, right?), eating lobster, drinking beer and lazing in a deckchair reading R.E.L. Masters' "Sex Driven People".
Aah yes this was the photoshoot that brought us all these things.

And here it is still giving to us.

This time some NEW Outtakes from that gorgeous photoshoot (there's a couple of older pics but they're now bigger)


Do you need a hand with your buttons Rob? I'd be glad to help :-}


Click For Larger

Many more after the cut!


This photoshoot was one of my favourites (as I said earlier) so much so that I made a video of some of the pics in 2009

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