Robert Pattinson fan account on the Cosmopolis set

Hello, Packinson!


Dayna shared her awesome day seeing Robert Pattinson on the set of Cosmopolis:
My friend and I arrived on the set shortly after 9am to find Victoria Street blocked off. I was so happy to have found it my friend had to tell me the limo (which I'd said I would LOVE to see was parked right in front of us!

We did a walk by and saw Sarah and Rob sitting in the cafe (the camera was outside filming in). I was excited to see Rob just across the street but the icing on the cake was David coming up and crouching over between them. Being a Cronenberg fan for a very long time, it was incredibly exciting and a little shocking to see him so casual in person.

We got told we had to keep moving so luckily there was a tim hortons on the corner. We went in for breakfast but quickly found it almost empty, except for some people gathered at the back. We found a table and could see the scene pretty well. We watched take after take of Rob stuffing his face with food!

They finished that particular scene , so Rob and Sarah exited the building and went to their trailers, along with them went almost every person that was in the Tim Hortons with us.


After some more blacked out filming it was time for the limo. Kevin came to set first and Rob followed. He was just on the other side of the Limo so we saw their backs mostly. For the most part it was very quiet around, but as soon as Rob was out people started to arrive and it got much busier in the poor Tim Hortons.

We ended up having to move because someone used flash when taking pictures (which we were asked not to do) and they put up a big black screen right in front of us. We found another spot and watched a little longer until it started to get crazy crowded and felt like we were more imposing than just observing.

My general, overall impression was that this is going to be an incredible piece of art. It was amazing to see David working and directing. You could see his mind just working and running when he was interacting with his actors and the crew.

Watching Rob and Kevin interact was incredible. They seem to play off each other very well. It was interesting to see just how intense Rob is when he's working! When they were resetting the scene he would close his eyes and just think and be quiet and still. I loved when Rob flubbed his lines and they had to do it again (so great to see his trademark giggle.)

So cute! Click HERE to visit Cosmopolis Film and read the whole account with more pics.


Rob talking to David Cronenberg


By the limo :)




I'm obsessed with white limos now. I got one for my birthday. :)


Rob with his onscreen bodyguard and off screen bodyguard ;)


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