Robert Pattinson sings and plays guitar and we all die

THE TIME HAS COME!!!! Remember that video snippet of Robert Pattinson we got from Songs From a Room ages ago???

Well now we have the WHOLE recording!!!! I'm shakin' in mah boots! And weeping! Definitely weeping.

I'll shut up now so you can hear the voice of an angel and the guitar playing of a god. I'm putting on extras, I know, but it feels THAT grand.

Rob Pattinson performs at Sofarsounds by Sofarsounds

Click the widget to donate to the movement and receive the download compilation with Rob's song. I need to find that spare $10,000 lying around so I can hang with these guys. For now, I think I can only swing $100. ;)



MAKE MORE MUSIC ROB!!!! (sorry for the caps...I'm THAT excited.)

Rob recording the song early 2010 in London, just before Bel Ami filming.

As for more video, our friend, suziekew, received info from the Sofarsounds guys that they are working to secure the full video when their new website is up.

UPDATE: Marina said it MUST be done. I agree with her ;)

He's killing me softly with his song. *sigh*
Click image for HQ wallpaper


Thank you rpgirl27 for the tip!!!
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