Robsessed Awards - Robert Pattinson's Best Supporter Not In The Fandom

Robsessed Awards - Robert Pattinson's Best Supporter Not In The Fandom

Shaun Robinson (Access Hollywood): She's not shy about giving Rob some love on twitter. Her followers know she's got nothing but kind things to say about the charming Brit and will defend his character in a heartbeat. This video is a mini compilation of Shaun's hair tradition with Rob but the bottom line is she's been an media fangirl of his since 2008.

David Cronenberg (Cosmopolis director): Director turned Rob cheerleader! While promoting his film, A Dangerous Method, David Cronenberg was asked about Rob often. He blew our minds, as well as the reporters, with his multitude of accolades. He's likely the most complimentary director Rob's ever worked with and this made our hearts sing. Finally someone see what we've seen and is highly respected in the industry. Can't wait for more from David in 2012.


Josh Horowitz (MTV): Rob's OG fanboy. Josh is the go to man for bringing the fandom the answers to questions we want and questions we didn't know we wanted asked. He's interviewed Rob 9 times from what I can remember off the top of my head (Golden Globes, MTV First, WFE press junket, WFE premiere, MTVMA, Comic Con, BD press junket, MTV First BD edition, BD premiere). That's gotta be some kind of record! Given all that face time with the main man, it's inevitable that Josh gets everything from scoops to the mundane. 2011 started out with this scoop: Rob's first mention of Cosmopolis at the Golden Globes.

Kate Spencer (The Fab Life/VH1): A bit of a dark horse media fangirl. Kate hasn't gotten the one-on-ones that Shaun and Josh get but she's been a fangirl for awhile and is more in touch with the fandom than any of the above nominees. She stays on top of Rob (TWSS) and understands our obsession love. At the Breaking Dawn premiere, in a cluster of microphones because she's not a part of the "Oooo look at me! I have a special solo media square on the red carpet" club yet, she DID become a part of the exclusive club. Kate got the fans a mini glimpse into Rob's next, highly anticipated, career move! Oh...and homegirl dishes gossip but knows about the thin line between entertainment and Hollywood Lies. Excerpted from her post earlier this month when entertainment/gossip hacks descended on Rob like vultures regarding "cheating" rumors media created lies: "I’m writing this post as someone who creates content for a celebrity site (this one!) and works in entertainment. I’ve done my fair share of guessing and speculating, but there is a fine line between wondering what’s going on and straight up accusing someone of something that is not true."

Can you think of anyone else this year that's been vocal about their Pro-Rob status?


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