ROUND 2: ROBsessed Holiday Video Challenge! Vote For Your Fave Robert Pattinson Videos!

ROUND 2: ROBsessed Holiday Video Challenge! Vote For Your Fave Robert Pattinson Videos!

Robmas Time is here...
Happiness and cheer...
Fun for all that the DR calls... 
Their favorite time of year!!!


Are you ready for Round 2??? You'll be looking at 9 RobHoliday videos* after the cut! Here are the details again for a refresher:
  • Round 1: From Dec. 21st at 6am PST to Dec. 22nd at 6am PST featuring 12 videos
  • Round 2: From Dec. 22nd at 12pm PST to Dec. 23rd at 12pm PST featuring the top 8 videos
  • Final Round: From Dec. 23rd at 6pm PST to Dec. 24th at 6pm PST featuring the top 5 videos
  • Winners Announced: Dec. 25th at 6am PST! Features the top 3 videos!
  • ROBsessed readers will vote for their favorite videos in each round.
  • The number of votes allowed will be specified in the poll at the bottom of the videos in each post.
  • Prizes gifted from ROBsessed mods: 1st place - $100 | 2nd place - $50 | 3rd place - $25

*Due to technical difficulties, the 9th video was not included in Round 1. This was our fault so we're including the video in this round.

Video order has been randomized using! The videos are not in order of Round 1 winners. Thank you again to all who participated in Round 1. Every video was special. :)
Voting is important. Several videos were close in numbers and their rankings came down to the difference between 2 or 3 votes.
If any videos do not work, click the video maker's name to go directly to their video page. 

VIDEO 1 by Lyn63

VIDEO 2 by Denise

VIDEO 3 by Bru SlaveforRob

VIDEO 4 by Dalma

VIDEO 5 by Suz_qnv

VIDEO 6 by Mizz

VIDEO 7 by Pattzerella

VIDEO 8 by Verena

VIDEO 9 by AlauravidS

Vote for your TOP THREE (3) videos!

Top 5 videos advance to the FINAL ROUND starting Dec. 23rd at 6pm PST! GOOD LUCK!!!


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