365 Days of Robert Pattinson: May 31 ~ Pic of Rob from Toronto Cosmopolis Promo

365 Days of Robert Pattinson: May 31 ~ Pic of Rob from Toronto Cosmopolis Promo

Guys! It's our last day for Cosmopolis month!

 photo CuteBooface.gif
 photo frownypoutyCosmopromo21.gif

I know, I know. BUT how exciting that Maps To The Stars is filming in a little over a month and we'll have more Robenberg!

 photo WhoreCosmopromo08.gif

Also, our giveaway is being posted soon so stay tuned you guys!

 photo tumblr_m9qeyoRvyW1qlsrvlo1_500.gif

Now on to Toronto Cosmopolis PromoRob....he was oh so cute and sexy....like always!

 photo tumblr_m8ba69NFD41ru3homo1_500.gif

"I’m going with this one from the Press Conference because Dear God LOOK at him!!! Mr Sexy with his toothpick, his VNeck tee with chest hair peeking out and the forehead vein! Of course he’s all smiles while listening to David but he KNOWS what he’s doing to us! GAHHHHHHHHH"

 photo HQRobertPattinsonPressConferenceToronto34.jpg

"i love you for sentimental reasons"

 photo HQRobertPattinsonCosmopolisQAToronto23.jpg

"Why so serious Roberto?"

 photo HQRobertPattinsonPressConferenceToronto3.jpg

If you post your 365DoR links in the comments, give us time to approve them so the DR can see :)


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