365 Days of Robert Pattinson: May 1 - Fave Robenberg

365 Days of Robert Pattinson: May 1 - Fave Robenberg

Do we love Robenberg or do we LOVE Robenberg?? I can't even start talking about how awesome it was that David saw Rob's performances in Little Ashes, Remember Me and Twilight and that made him know Rob was the man to bring Eric Packer to life (and beyond). Such a great relationship was formed during the filming that he knew he wanted to work with Rob again on his next project. We're lucky enough to see that moving full steam ahead with production on Maps To The Stars starting in July!

Robenberg 2.0 here we come! But first we honor where it all began. *sigh*

"Always this! Or at least until we get some new Robenberg when they work together again!"

 photo headpatCosmopromo10.gif

"Here comes the sun! Happy May with a pic that always makes me smile. Hope it brightens your day too."

 photo RobertPattinsonCosmoBTS.jpg

"Easy, this one… all the captions floating around in my head! Too many to write… I’ll just chuckle over here!"

 photo tumblr_mm52zpPMEF1qf3lw1o1_500.jpg

Click for HQ!
 photo May-1.jpg

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