Robert Pattinson Fans Have Been Busy Posting Their Birthday Works Of Art

We showed you some great fan videos earlier HERE and now it's the turn of FanArt.
Robert Pattinson fans are so talented and creative and have been busy posting great things all over the internet for Rob's Birthday. These were a few that caught my eye over on tumblr.

 photo tumblr_mmp3jwAyuz1snei55o1_500.gif
 photo l1.jpg photo l2.jpg
 photo l3.gif
 photo l4.jpg photo l5.jpg
 photo tumblr_mmqcbxcLsF1rkxutoo1_500.jpg
MORE After The Cut

 photo Happy27thBirthday4.jpg
 photo d1.gif photo d2.gif photo d3.gif
 photo d4.gif photo d5.gif photo d6.gif
 photo d7.gif photo d8.gif photo d9.gif  photo Happy27thBirthday5.jpg
Check out LOADS More Fabulous Birthday Fan Art HERE & HERE


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