Robsessed/BagItTotes Scavenger Hunt WINNERS

Robsessed/BagItTotes Scavenger Hunt WINNERS

It's time, it's time.
First of all thanks SO much for all the entries for the Scavenger Hunt! We're so glad you all enjoyed it so much.
The prizes up for grabs were these GORGEOUS Totes from Valerie At BagItTotes that she got personalised especially for us with the Robsessed Banner!

 photo Bag_It-105-Edit-1.jpg

We asked you 5 questions and here are the correct answers to the questions:

Question 1:
The bag we are giving away is called "Golden Eyes" and can be found over on the BagItTotes
 website HERE

Question 2:
The 5th Musician listed under the ARTIST Category HERE is Van Morrison

Question 3: 
The 13th Book Title on our post about The Robert Pattinson Book Club HERE (if you count 13 down the list) is " Diary of a Genius" By Salvador Dali  BUT if you look at the list 2 of the entries have no book titles so if you skip those ones your answer would be "Experience:A Memoir" By Martin Ames. We're accepting either of these answers ;-D

Question 4:
Dani was the moderator who posted our first Happy Birthday Rob post back in 2009. You can see it HERE (The name of the mod who posts is always at the bottom of the post near the tags and if you know the month of a post it's really easy to search the blog using the Blog Archive over in the sidebar towards the bottom of the blog)

Question 5:
13th of May 1986 was on a Tuesday and you know what they say, Tuesday's child is full of grace.Hmmmm guess they haven't seen Rob's wonky legs huh? ;-}I'm just kidding, we know Rob can be extremely graceful when he wants to be!

And now you're all saying shut up and tells us if we won ;-p so let's get on with it, shall we?
We used to randomly pick the winners from those that sent in the correct answers.
And the winners of the fabulous Totes ARE :

1. Julia Larsson
2. Lauren Haigh
3. Parichaya S
4. Linda Fine
5. April Brown

You'll be receiving an email from us very shortly. Please reply with your mailing details so that we can get your prizes out to you.

If you weren't lucky enough to win remember you can purchase this tote (without the Robsessed banner on it) over at OR if this one is not your style they also have some other super cute totes

And now for some fantastic news we have another Scavenger Hunt coming up VERY soon with a prize I KNOW you will want to get your hands on! (now you see why I was telling you how to search the blog above. I hope you were paying attention!)


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