Robert Pattinson Birthday Countdown: Rob the Book Worm! ROBsessed/BagItTotes Scavenger Hunt Question #3

Robert Pattinson Birthday Countdown: Rob the Book Worm! ROBsessed/BagItTotes Scavenger Hunt Question #3

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It's Day 3! How are you guys doing so far?? Finding those answers? This day gets a little tougher because you have to SEARCH for the post title since it hasn't been updated recently. I also included another quick way to the answer in this post. A quick way to find what you're seeking....

Anyway, let's get to that 3rd question that focuses on the well read, Mr. Pattinson.

Question 3:
What is the 13th book title on our post titled: The Robert Pattinson Book Club: Rob's Reading List Finds A Home On The Blog 
We picked the 13th because that's Rob's special day! Unlucky to many....but holy to ROBsessed.

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Stayed tuned for Question 4 tomorrow! If you missed the logistics:
  • The contest is WORLDWIDE!
  • Final hunt is on May 11th and you'll have May 11th and 12th to submit your answers to 5 total questions. 
  • Have you missed any questions? Click HERE to catch up under our scavenger hunt tag.
  • 5 winners will be announced on Rob's birthday, May 13th!
  • The prize up for grabs: Valerie from Bag It Totes has given us these fabulous, one-of-a-kind ROBsessed totes (worth $28 each)!
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NOTE: Birthday messages to Rob for his tribute video are due TODAY! Submit by 12pm PST May 9th. Click HERE for details if you want to participate!


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