365 Days of Robert Pattinson: May 4 - Fave Eric Packer Pic

365 Days of Robert Pattinson: May 4 - Fave Eric Packer Pic


 photo RobertPattinsonCosmo-4.jpg

"when a day is hard for me, i have to default to my first favorite. i also had to narrow things down. Cosmopolis is my favorite Rob film so i didn't let screencaps be an options. Rob's in practically every frame! but official stills were STILL too wide a selection since i wanted them all. that's why it came down to this classic shot of Eric Packer. i love this still sooooooo much. the unhinged look in Rob's eye. the crazed haircut. the depth perception of the shot. benno's office/Eric's tomb. nancy babich! it's a fantastic still. i also had Rob sign it at the BD1 premiere. it caught Stephanie and Nick's eye since Cosmopolis wasn't heating up yet promo wise. i was happy to get more than an "R" on the picture and it's one of the few Rob items i keep up at all times. im not a big autograph collector but i have 2 things Rob's signed that are special to me and this is one of them. i have an unconventional day job but if i had an office, my signed still would be on the wall and i'd talk endlessly about Rob and the film to anyone that asked about it. oh wait...i do that already :)"
 photo Eric_Gun.jpg

"Love the suave and sophisticated look, with a touch of playfulness in his face."
 photo tumblr_mmayqdSphe1qf3lw1o1_1280.jpg
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