Can You Handle MORE DiorRob?

I hope so because we have MORE!!
Are any of us actually going to survive to see the ad? 

 photo DiorRobNew.png

Translation of the article (Thanks Suzie)

"Earlier this week, Dior went out with it comes a new face for Dior Homme fragrances. After many faithful years with Jude Law, it is now time for something new and different. Before got found out the name of the new face, we sat and speculated about it in the office - no one guessed it .... Robert Pattinson is a very unexpectedly and daring choice of Dior - a fantastic choice for a fantastic fragrance series! Yesterday gathered Dior all Nordic beauty editors for a sneak preview of the commercial in a studio out in Lidingö. Even though everyone knew the name of the new facet so it was fun to see the movie and hear a bit about how Dior was thinking when they made ​​the choice. Personally I think it's an easy choice and look forward to seeing Robert's face on Dior's campaigns in the fall!"

Thanks to & for the tip 


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