Ben Mezrich Author Of "The Social Network" Is A Huge Robert Pattinson Fan

Who knew Ben Mezrich author of "The Social Network" was a huge Robert Pattinson fan? Not me that's for sure!
He was on CNN yesterday and mentioned that he would love Robert Pattinson to star in his next film "Straight Flush"

 photo thumbup.gif

This resulted in people tweeting the author and he responded with this............

Rob in demand, do you love it or do you love it?

 photo loveit.gif

Mr Mezrich wasn't finished sharing yet.

 photo Ohreallytellmemore.gif

He also revealed that he met with Rob once and (not surprisingly) had only good things to say about him!

 photo thumbsupyeah.gif

Anyone else wearing their proud Mama Steph face!?

 photo ProudMamaStephFace.gif

I know what you guys are like for reading so I'm including the links to the books mentioned (so you don't have to go searching)




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