Dior Introduces A New Icon ~*NEW* Robert Pattinson Dior Ad Pics

Dior Introduces A New Icon ~*NEW* Robert Pattinson Dior Ad Pics


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Caption on Pic:
"Welcome, Mr. Robert Pattison, Dior and I like you very much! #dior #diorlaunch #robertpattison #newfaceofdior"

 photo 36e8062ad78b11e2949722000a1f90e1_7.jpg

 photo af2b21fad78911e2b04622000a1f9be0_7.jpg

 photo DiorRobertPattinson.jpg

 photo DiorRob-1.jpg

God help us!

 photo BM_GiKfCQAMfjo4.jpg

"His forays into the world of luxury and advertising have confirmed his reputation as a maker of visionary images, edgy and sexy.
Today he sets his hand to Dior Homme, invoking Dylan Thomas, Antonioni  and James Dean. Rebels as always, but also the heady thrill of freedom, a touch of humor and a tempo (?) running wild"

 photo NewDiorRobertPattinson.jpg

 photo e4e02008d77911e2a0a022000a1f968b_7.jpg

The mood of the ad is James Dean.

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 photo DiorEvent3.jpg photo DiorEvent4.jpg photo RobertPattinsonDiorAd1.jpg photo RobertPattinsonDiorAd2.jpg

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