UHQ pictures of Robert Pattinson's Dior Launch + More Info On The Roll-Out

UHQ pictures of Robert Pattinson's Dior Launch + More Info On The Roll-Out

UPDATE2: Since the launch has wrapped up, there are a couple more great comments from journalists. I'm keeping them up top in this post. First, a great comment from one of the journalists that shared several instagram pics with us and then another applauding tweet:

"Still can't get over what a humble, smart, and normal guy he is! He was amazing!" (Source)
UPDATE: More tweets and pics from the amazing DiorRob launch! Bottom of the post.

 photo DiorRob04.jpg

 photo DiorRob03.jpg

Click for UHQ!
 photo DiorRob05.jpg photo DiorRob06.jpg

Are you still hanging in there??? All this goodness and we still haven't seen the ad! There's some fun info still coming in from the journalists that were granted the extreme pleasure to experience DiorRob launch event....and it's a 3 DAY EVENT!

 photo DiorRob01.png

What I wouldn't do to get my hands on that press kit. So so cool. There have also been some really great tweets about how Rob is the best man ever. Basically.

It's looking like the interviews will be embargoed until the fall. That coincides with the September release of the ad. I also enjoyed what this journalist said in her comments section about Dior Homme (image from the cocktail dinner party at Petit Ermitage posted HERE):

"Love it. I mean, I might be wearing it myself now."

 photo DiorRob11.png

Lastly, I know people were curious about Los Angeles as the location to launch DiorRob. We can't read the entire greeting from the press kit but this was awesome. It feels like a nod to Rob and his career:

"During these few days spent together, we will be organizing trips to the most symbolic places in this city dedicated to the film industry."

 photo DiorRob09.png

MY HEART. I love it love it love it. Here are just a few more instagrams taken from around the city (Nobu, Chateau Marmont, more at the sources) and awesome screen caps from the Dior website that bring me nothing but PURE JOY.

 photo DiorRob07.png photo DiorRob08.png photo DiorRob02.png
 photo DiorRob10.jpg photo DiorRob12.jpg

UPDATE: So much DiorRob goodness coming this fall! We're excited about this particular one that won't be lost in translation...

The Ivy, another symbolic LA spot for the lucky and exclusive club of journalists celebrating DiorRob for the past 3 days.
 photo ScreenShot2013-06-13at102733AM.png

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-13at103205AM.png

The menu from one of the several stops on DiorRob Night 1

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-13at103118AM.png

If you missed any DiorRob...
  • Official announcement from Dior with the most complimentary press release HERE
  • Grab a DiorRob wallpaper HERE
  • Check out the song that will be in the DiorRob ad HERE
  • Additional announcements from the various media outlets HERE
  • See initial instagram pics from the ad HEREHERE & HERE
I'm sure we'll have more coming.....soon ;))

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