365 Days of Robert Pattinson: June 2 ~ Gif of Rob laughing

365 Days of Robert Pattinson: June 2 ~ Gif of Rob laughing

This is a recurring day and it just warms the soul when it comes up again. Rob has THE BEST laugh. It's also quite varied. He has a range in sound and largeness, full body or hang activity. I love that our June calendar features one of the most classic Rob laughs ever. Can't you just hear it even when it's frozen in time in a picture? *le sigh*

"Trying to pick a gif of Rob laughing is nearly impossible! There were at least 10 favourites that I could have chosen for today. I went with this one because it cracks me up every time. He laughs, I laugh!" 

 photo RobertPattinsongif018.gif

"there are so many gems from 2008 and i love this one. Rob used to promote Twilight on the radio and this cutie laugh was from one of those interviews. it was such a bizarre show. im including it below my gif because there are no words for the crazy. u just need to see it for yourself if you haven't already. it's no wonder Rob is chuckling throughout it. watch, relive, and enjoy some 2008 ThrowBackRob. sssssssexy."

 photo radiorob.gif

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