Let Robert Pattinson be your holiday muse and win $100! Rules for the 5th ROBsessed Holiday Video Challenge!

Let Robert Pattinson be your holiday muse and win $100! Rules for the 5th ROBsessed Holiday Video Challenge!
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ROBmas is the most wonderful time of the year and we want to let it show, let it show, let it show with Robert Pattinson holiday videos!

2014 was a really good year with loads of Rob - King of Cannes, premieres in Los Angeles, Australia and Toronto, press junkets in multiple cities, visits to multiple countries, WetRob, GivingRob, AwardShowRob, WorkingRob, SexhairRob, CrazyHairRob and so much more!

Crack those knuckles and start grabbing that amazing Rob footage - new and old, pics and vids - to create a festive RobHoliday video to celebrate the season.

Entering the ROBsessed Holiday Video Challenge is a chance for you to share your gift with our readers but also win cash prizes! We love fanvids and want to give back to all the Rob fans that contribute. All you have to do is make a Robert Pattinson video capturing the RobHoliday Season spirit and you can win $100 from us! The runner up will win $50 and third place will get $25! We've also added a new prize this year for every one who enters - number 6 in the official rules. The winner will be decided by your fellow ROBsessors.

Official Rules:
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  1. The video must be about Robert Pattinson. Duh. ;)
  2. The video should be 90 seconds at the minimum and 4 minutes at the maxium.
  3. The video must have a minimum 5 second banner at the beginning and end that says: www.robsessedpattinson.com RobHoliday Video Challenge Entry (VERY IMPORTANT that you do this or your video will be disqualified)
  4. The videos should be posted on YouTube and the link to video for the contest entry should be sent to robsessedgiveaway@gmail.com. If your video is restricted in some countries (which YouTube will tell you) then you can upload your video on Daily Motion or Vimeo.
  5. The prize for the contest ($100 for the winner, $50 for the runner up, $25 for the 3rd place) will be sent to the winner via Paypal. It's the winners' responsibility to get a Paypal account. ROBsessed will pay the transfer fee but any charges incurred on the winner's end will belong to the winner. The winner can also choose to receive a gift card from Amazon or Fandango. (All prizes are paid by ROBsessed, there are no sponsors.)
  6. All entrants that have their videos posted will receive a ROBsessed button (sample image shown in the official rules)
  7. The entries will be numbered in the order they are received. After Dec. 20th, a post will be made on www.robsessedpattinson.com. The order of the videos will be decided by a random number drawing. ROBsessed readers will vote on the video they like in the poll we'll post. The voting will be open for 24 hours. The video that receives the highest number of votes will proceed to the next round. (ROBsessed will screen the videos before putting them up and reserves the right to decline.)
  8. Last day to send in the video entries is December 20th 11:59pm PST. The winners will be chosen by ROBsessed readers and will be announced on Dec 25th.

More planned for the RobHoliday Season...
  • ROBsessed Advent Calendar Surprise - Starts Dec. 1st with a surprise each day until Christmas
  • 12 Days of ROBmas - Starts 12 days before Christmas 
  • ROBsessed Awards - Voting starts after Christmas and winners announced Dec. 31st!
  • ROBsessed Giveaways - More giveaways throughout Robmas for all! Click HERE to see the latest giveaway!


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