"Robert Pattinson Really Delivers On Set" ~ Anton Corbijn

"Robert Pattinson Really Delivers On Set" ~ Anton Corbijn

RTÉ Ten (Ireland) spoke to Anton Corbijn about Life and asked him about the first time Rob and Dane read together. Check out his answer below in an excerpt from the interview.

I also liked what the site had to say about the movie:
"You may already know more about legendary photographer-turned-director Anton Corbijn's new film than you realise. Have you ever seen that iconic 1960 photo of James Dean walking in the rain in Times Square? Well, the picture was taken by a man named Dennis Stock, and the story of it, and his friendship with the soon-to-be-huge star, is touchingly told in Life.

With two excellent performances from Robert Pattinson as Stock and Dane DeHaan as Dean, Life is Corbijn's most uplifting film to date, with the era so lovingly and beautifully recreated that your time with his two leading men will probably feel all too short. "

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The first time you had Robert and Dane read together could you feel the electricity straight away?

They're very different actors, you know? They come in very different ways to the set or to rehearsals. That made me feel really great because they are very different characters in the film. Dane is very prepared – he prepared for months – Rob seems to be less prepared but then on set he really delivers. But in rehearsals he sort of takes it in. He's very intuitive in his approach and it worked really well, whereas Dane is much more studied. 

Read the full interview with Anton over HERE


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