Welcome Guest Blogger TINK :)

You may have noticed some posts by TINK in the past week and no posts by me in a long while. For personal reasons I can't spend as much time as I used to on the blog so we asked Tink if she would step in. We think her snark and wit fits perfectly with the blog, hope you agree and love her like we do:)

Please join me and give her a big ROBsessed welcome :)


P.S.: Yes we have seen THE pictures :) You don't have to send us tips anymore. And I'm happy to see nothing has changed: Robsteners think we are Nonsten and Nonsteners think we are Robsten. We must be doing it right :) (Oh and the motto still stands...)

A little bit info about us after the cut if you are interested :)

Gozde : Robsessing since May 2008. I can't claim to be a Rob fan since Harry Potter because , you know, it felt all kinds of wrong to find anyone on HP HOT. Cedric was a GOOD boy :)
I'm a drug chemist by day and unfortunately by night these days. I literally do drugs but they don't get me high. Rob gets me high :)
I used to blog, ROBsess and tweet 24/7 and will once again when I stop working like a crazy person :) ROBsessed is my baby, I would never leave it or blog anywhere else. Thanks to everyone that has been with us since the days we had 400 hits a month to today when we get that many hits in 15 minutes :) Thanks to everyone that joined us along the way, thanks for commenting, for visiting, for sending us tips and thanks for sharing our ROBsession. Without you we'd be a bunch of crazy women spending all of our spare time on a boy we don't "really" know :)

I'm Kate and I've been Robsessing since September 2008 although I first saw Rob on TV in "The Bad Mothers Handbook" I just didn't realise i saw him :-}
I had a career change a couple of years ago and became a full time home carer but now I'm ready to rejoin the workforce and am waiting for that call from Rob to say he wants me.................as his PA.
When I'm not ROBsessing, I sleep, oh hang on I ROBsess then too :-)
Other than Robsessing my other passions are crafting, photography and going for walks with my dog.

I'm Kat and after meeting the man himself at the Austin Film Festival in October 2008 I was flung into full Robsession mode (who wouldn't be?). I managed to restrain myself from dry humping him and lived to tell the tale without any jail time.
I'm married to the love of my life - who puts up with my Robsession, Mum to the cutest little girl ever and I work in the entertainment industry as a producer - then I squeeze in my Robsessing at the end of the day around all that crazy! It keeps me sane and it's awfully pretty :-)
I wonder, if I'd stayed in the movies would I be dressing (or undressing) Rob Pattinson right now? Who knows!!

Tink here. I teach communications by day and ROBsess by night. HA! Yeah right. I ROBsess by day and night. Its a constant state of being. I've been ROBsessed since May 2009 when "that guy" who plays Edward opened his mouth and laughed in an interview I watched ("He's funny? And humble? And He sings? And plays the guitar and piano? And he's british? And tall? And gorgeous?!"). I simply adore every bit of the man. I also blog at WaterforElephantsfilm.com because I love doing what I can to support Rob's awesomeness. I'm rarely serious and like long walks on the beach. This is starting to sound single woman ad-ish. To wrap this up. Rob is my life now. Not lit'rally but you get the sentiment. ;)
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