WFE extra shares fun tidbits about Robert Pattinson

WFE extra shares fun tidbits about Robert Pattinson

Cody Wood, a Water For Elephants rube (audience member in circus terminology), has shared his experience several times before. He's at it again with more fun info.


These are the excerpts with Rob mentioned:

“Great job ladies and gentlemen!” “Back to the top!” The AD had the megaphone again - and for good reason. All of the cages, carts, clowns, and circus animals turned around and walked back to their starting positions. Christoph and Rob slipped into the parade without fanfare. On the next take the two actors walked near each other but not too near. There was a visible tension between them, especially now that Marlena sat atop her prized Rosie. She looked stunning in her silver shimmering costume and waved at the crowd. She looked my direction and I waved back. Who knows, maybe she was looking at me?


“Thank you for your patience folks. Here is what’s going to happen. Tai (Rosie) is going to be eating the watermelons and Rob and Camel (Tink: character played by Jim Norton) are going to come and take her away. When she starts to back up, make sure you....” Ptthhhmmpppp. Silence. Laughter. “Ewwww,” a group of people groaned at once. The Rubes directly behind Tai took a few steps back and covered their mouths. Elephant fart.

Once everyone regained their composure the filming began. My job was to look enthralled by the fact there was an elephant eating at the convenience store. How could I not be? Jacob (Tink: Rob's character...but you know this, right?) and Camel pushed their way through the crowd and attempted to lure Rosie away with the smell of whiskey. This turned out to be harder than they’d imagined. In between takes Rob stood comfortably in the back of the crowd. He had an undeniable composure and worked diligently to make the scene the best it possibly could be. He inspired all of us to give our best until the sun began to set.

Click HERE to read Cody Wood's entire post.
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