Robert Pattinson is a "really good kisser" according to Christina Ricci

Robert Pattinson is a "really good kisser" according to Christina Ricci

"He’s a sweet guy and super funny…and a really good kisser!”


GAH! *fans self*

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At last night’s Blackberry Torch launch in L.A., Christina Ricci couldn’t contain her feelings for her Bel Ami co-star Robert Pattinson. “We would just goof off and laugh while we were working—he’s a sweet guy and super funny…and a really good kisser!” she told us. And what was her favorite part of filming? “The costumes, the makeup and… Rob!” But Ricci admitted she hasn’t even seen the films that are responsible for his fame. “I was waiting for [The Twilight Saga films] to be on TV because the theaters were so crowded, but there’s no excuse!” Ricci also said it’s easy to understand why Kristen Stewart, who stopped by the set several times, is so smitten with her Twilight and real-life co-star Pattinson: “He’s so charming and such a smart guy. He’s so super organized and in charge of his career. He was actually giving me advice!” the veteran actress said.

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"It was really fun, I mean just aesthetically we wore amazing costumes and hair and make up was great," Ricci told us at the fab party about her new flick. "And working with Rob was amazing. He's such a great guy, so talented."
Well, since she brought him up we might as well get the on-set dirt from her:
"He's just great. We'd just make fun of each other the whole time, like ‘oh my god we're so goofy' or ‘my accent is so bad!'"
So exactly how close do Christina and Rob get? "We are lovers, yeah you know."
Relax Twi-Hards. She means they are lovers onscreen for Bel Ami!
"There's some naughtiness," the adorable Ricci said with a smirk when we grilled her on whether we get some good love-scenes, adding there are "lots" of them.
Natch we had to ask the question on all of our minds. Is Rob a good kisser?
"Um yeah," Christina smiled. "He is pretty much awesome."
One lucky girl who gets to experience Rob's smooches on a pretty regular basis is Kristen Stewart. As we told you, Kristen traveled to Budapest after her birthday to be with Rob during filming. "Yeah she visited," Christina said. "I love her, she is totally sweet. And he is great!" Although Ricci says she's never seen a Twilight film, she totally gets the cult appeal.
"I understand where they're coming from," confessed the lovely CR. " He's an awesome human being. He's so funny and quirky and weird."

Tink: There's some naughtiness? HA! That's putting it mildly ;).

Video from Popsugar. Ricci talks Rob around the :23 mark
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