Christina Ricci says Robert Pattinson fans are awesome!

Christina Ricci says Robert Pattinson fans are awesome!

YAY for us! I love what she says on...


From Eonline:

"Not really, I mean, everyone did a really good job of containing the paparazzi and the fans were really respectful."—Robert Pattinson's Bel Ami costar, Christina Ricci, at BlackBerry's launch party for the new BlackBerry Torch from AT&T, when we asked if the constant fan and paparazzi attention affected filmingWe've seen some, uh, rather intense Twi-hards in our day, so does that mean they're all tucked away in their coffins until Breaking Dawn?Added the svelte cutie: "[Pattinson's] fans, in particular, get behind his career. They're not going to screw up his career by ruining his next movie. They were awesome. They applauded people when we came out of set; they were there and super psyched we were in Budapest or wherever we were."

And a lovely quote from PopcornBiz for NBC San Diego:

"The world is used to seeing him one way, and he's very, very different in this movie," Ricci tells PopcornBiz from the Blackberry Torch from AT&T launch party, "But he's an actor, that's what it's about. And he's really great in this."

Read the whole interview HERE
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