Chris Weitz's Says Robert Pattinson Is His Homey In His Latest Round Of Tweets

Chris Weitz didn't spend as much time on twitter chatting as he normally does because he wasn't feeling well but there were still a few Rob mentions in there.


Miriam522 @chrisweitz are you going to see Rob Patz new movie "Water for Elephants"? Have you read the book? If you have, did you like it? PLEASE!!!

CW Well now. I am bemused that anyone cares if I will see it or not, but yes, he's my homey, I'm going.

TwiRK_World @chrisweitz does it creep you out seeing so many Twilight, Rob and Kristen dedicated Twitter accts?

CW Well, to be honest, what feels a bit odd is people having someone they don't know as their avatar. I have been pondering a call to, at least for one day, use your own face as your avatar, because you are not defined by what you want. But what the hell, it's a free country.

kathycarrillo@chrisweitz is it ok if your avatar includes you and "famous person"?

CW It's all ok. I'm not the boss of anybody. But really, famous shmamous.

Twi_Star @chrisweitz we wouldn't be talking to you if you weren't famous?

CW Probably true. (Kate: Well I don't think so but carry on...... ) But I hope I would survive. Besides, I have a theory that you are not famous if people need to explain why you are.I am only famous when the hyoe switch is turned on by a big corporation promoting something, or when I am within the famousness blast radius of a Rob or KS or Taylor or Hugh Grant. Which is cool with me.

Kate: I wonder how it feels to be in the famousness blast radius. It sounds kinda painful

DeniseSMoreta @chrisweitz when you remember the twilight cast what is the first thing you think??

CW Directing 7 Cullens at once=herding cats

Kate: I'm sure they'll be thrilled at that description :-)

Gayle_Evan @chrisweitz did u hear that rpattz cant buy a house now and he needs to keep moving coz of the fear of being stalked by twihards? thoughts?

Well, if that's true, it's f'ed up, isn't it?

And there you have it. Short and sweet this time. We hope Mr Weitz is feeling better and back on tweeting form soon because it sure if getting addictive following him! :-}
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