Robert Pattinson and New Moon featured again in Chris Weitz's daily tweets

It's that time again! Here's your roundup of Robert Pattinson/Edward-related Chris Weitz tweets from his self proclaimed W-hatevuh Wednesdays and part of his Thursday Th-rilling observations.



athenia_22 @chrisweitz if you had to choose either rob or kristen to babysit your son who would you choose? hehe

CW: Taylor

AwesomeArianna @chrisweitz It's whateva wednesday right? Random: Did you guys use Virgin Airlines in NM as a crack towards E/B virginity? Please do tell!

CW: Yes, the idea of using that airline amused me....

tucheer83 @chrisweitz Since I'm watching NewMoon I have 2 ask: Y didn't you have Edward steal the pics from Bella but decided to let them disappear?

CW: Film narrative -- seeing him steal the pics would give away the game. But seeing them not there all at once would, to me, lessen the impact

tucheer83 @chrisweitz Now here's the season's scene. Y didn't you let Edward take the pics like the book & chose to let them disappear off the wall?

CW: Yeh. Nice to see it in the process of happening; her heart is still breaking.

mvdsbRDTP: @chrisweitz in BD do you think edwards penis should sparkle?? ;)

CW: only if he is nude sunbathing

(Tink: We were almost there...)


jeihlynn0921 @chrisweitz i want to ask if in the future you still want to work with Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stew and also Taylor Lautner?

CW: Turning irony off... Yes, yes. I like the all very much. Fond memories.

JimiMarie @chrisweitz so who's idea was it to have edward park across 10 parking spaces in New Moon?

CW: Me... Better pictorial arrangement. Bu I like that Edward don't give a f--- !


DrVivibuff @chrisweitz In NM there r some scenes were you put things that normally not everyone would notice, like Volterra on Bella's Romeo&Juliet book, or Jacobs Tshirt, Dream catcher on Edwards face, the golden compass attached to Bella's bag... do you do that kind of stuff in all your movies.. or was this at first 4 you?

CW: I always do this sort of thing, though I did more than usual in NM. It's fun to play semantic games!

MizzezPattinson @chrisweitz If you could direct any movie of your choice and have ROB star in it, what would it be? ♥

CW: There's a great fantasy series called The Prince of Nothing by R. Scott Bakker. Rob would be great in it.

RobPattMoms: @chrisweitz in which role? Anasûrimbor Kellhus?

CW: but of course, no? perfect, no? Good catch

(Tink: A little info from wikipedia: This trilogy details the emergence of Anasûrimbor Kellhus, a brilliant monastic warrior, as he takes control of a holy war and the hearts and minds of its leaders. Kellhus exhibits incredible powers of prediction and persuasion, which are derived from deep knowledge of rationality, cognitive biases, and causality, as discovered by the Dûnyain, a secret monastic sect. As Kellhus goes from military leader to divine prophet, Drusas Achamian, the sorcerer who mentored Kellhus, comes to realize that his student may well be the harbinger of the Second Apocalypse.)

eclipse_patz @chrisweitz Hi!! could you please explain that scene where you say cut and they continue, I wonder how long continued?

(Tink: Here's the video she linked in her inquiry)


PattzManiacas: @chrisweitz HOW IS WORKING WITH ROBERT ??


And there ya have it! You know this isn't the last of him ;) Follow Chris Weitz HERE if you'd like to know more about New Moon and other funny and informative ramblings.
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