Media Reviews & Reactions To Cannes Press Screening Of 'The Rover'

UPDATE: More greatness added! Scroll down and read it all. This edit is from the official account for The Rover. Bet they're feeling pretty great too. :))

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The Rover had it's press screen in Cannes this morning and the media reviews and reactions have been coming out hot and heavy.
Here's a little round-up (updating all the time so keep checking back)...........

"Pearce is fiercely impressive here as a man who gave up on the human race even before the latest round of calamities, and if there are occasional glimpses of the kinder, gentler man he might once have been, we are more frequently privy to his savage survival instincts. But it’s Pattinson who turns out to be the film’s greatest surprise, sporting a convincing Southern accent and bringing an understated dignity to a role that might easily have been milked for cheap sentimental effects."
The Hollywood Reporter:
Pattinson delivers a performance that, despite the character’s own limitations, becomes more interesting as the film moves along, suggesting that the young actor might indeed be capable of offbeat character work. But always commanding attention at the film’s center is Pearce, who, under a taciturn demeanor, gives Eric all the cold-hearted remorselessness of a classic Western or film noir anti-hero who refuses to die before exacting vengeance for an unpardonable crime.
Little White Lies:
"Performances are pitched just right between hard-bitten and mournful. Guy Pierce, as all know, has stoically grizzled down to a fine art, while Pattinson manages his new non-heart-throb ground (the make-up team have wrought merry hell on his teeth) with admirable pathos. His limp, hick accent, facial tics and staccato delivery play second, third, fourth and fifth fiddle to a whole lot of heart, and one that Eric cannot help but fall for."
The Playlist:
"Pearce is reliably riveting as the totally stonefaced Man With No Name Except Maybe Eric, and Michod exploits his charisma for all its worth in the many extended takes of his inscrutable, unreadable mien, while Pattinson, who we were initially worried might be too tic-laden to fully convince, actually turns in a performance that manages to be more affecting than affected."
"Pearce is the center of the film and a forceful presence as usual, but Pattinson puts in a formidable and truly transformative performance all his own. Rey is an unattractive character in an unattractive world, with rotten teeth, a bad haircut, and an off-putting, twitchy demeanor, but there's no sense that Pattinson did any of this in a superficial effort to ugly himself up and distance himself from his heartthrob image. If anything, the role should stand as proof to any doubters that with the right director and the freedom to break free of his own public persona, Pattinson has real ability and magnetism on screen."
The Evening Standard:
Guy Pearce is ferociously compelling and Robert Pattison surprisingly good too, putting his teen-roles behind him more conclusively than any of his contemporaries.
 MORE Reviews & Tweets AFTER THE CUT
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First Showing:
"Pearce, similar to Ryan Gosling in Drive, carefully chooses every word, every twitch, every muscle in his body to deliver a performance that speaks volumes while actually saying very little. Even Robert Pattinson, giving one of his best fidgety, aloof performances to date, has so much more to say between every word he speaks."
 " Characters are well-drawn, despite long swathes without dialogue – Pearce is as strong as he’s ever been and Pattinson shows more range than many might expect.
The Rover is one of those compellingly nasty visions of the future that has plenty to say about humanity – whether we want to hear it or not."
The Star:
"This minimalist gem affords a chance to see ex-Twilight star Robert Pattinson at his dramatic best. He’s paired opposite Guy Pearce, also in top form"
"Several members of the press have advanced the notion that The Rover finally proves Pattinson's acting chops, though I think he already acquitted himself admirably two years ago when he starred in David Cronenberg's Cannes premiere Cosmopolis."
(Translated from French thanks to Sunny)
 "The Rover is an absolute shock, an outstanding movie that carries the post apocalyptic trip towards unknown and paroxystic heights.
The movie aims to be a work with a kind of genre capable of pushing the boundaries of post-apocalyptic road trip.
David Michôd reaches that goal brilliantly, making here his first masterpiece. " 5/5
Next Projection:
"The Rover is an interesting take on a future dystopia with compelling performances by Pearce and Pattinson, with the latter succeeding in getting rid of his Twilight-image.
There is only one rare, light scene in which Pattinson’s character Rey sings along to a pop-song while sitting in the car. The lyrics – “don’t hit me ‘cause I’m beautiful” – made the audience laugh at least once during the mostly heavy, dark and violent drama."
"Michod's follow-up - a road movie from hell - is enthralling, unrelenting and superbly acted by leads Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson.
Former teen heartthrob and Twilight star Pattinson delivers potentially his best performance yet, convincing as the twitchy Rey and evoking empathy in his tortured struggle between family loyalty and resentment at being left for dead.
Michod again serves up a unique viewing experience that's both thrilling and thought-provoking."
"There is a huge amount of talent on display in "The Rover", and the opening ten minutes is as captivating as anything you’re likely to see at the movies this year. "
(Translation again thanks to Sunny)
" Five good reasons to see The Rover:
For the atmosphere that comes out of the movie: gloomy as one pleases, pessimist, but also tinged with an acrid humor.
For the sobriety of the movie, for its slowness that is always given a rhythm with a hypnotic soundtrack and shocking action scenes!
For Guy Pearce, whose the and charisma don't need to be proven anymore. 
And for Robert Pattinson, who delivers here one of the best performances of his career and stands out as a great actor.""

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For anyone wanting to hear "Pretty Girl Rock"


Bottle Blonde said...

I'm so happy for Rob and proud. He's worked so hard when he could have played a form of Edward or even Jacob (from WFE) for the rest of his career. Bravo! Can't wait to see him on the red carpet.

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