Media Reactions to Cannes Press Screening of Maps To The Stars - "Jerome winningly played by Robert Pattinson"

Media Reactions to Cannes Press Screening of Maps To The Stars - "Jerome winningly played by Robert Pattinson"'s gooooooooooood! We already know Rob's a supporting player in MTTS so the reviews aren't focused on him like The Rover was. BUT the critics are loving it and practically throwing rose petals! Maps To The Stars is getting all the stars, A+'s, all the numbers, and calls for the Palme to head straight to Cronenberg!

Watch the trailer again and see a sampling of what's being said and tweeted. Will continue to update!


“Maps to the Stars,” returns in a way to territory Cronenberg explored in “Dead Ringers,” and it's probably the director's best film in at least a decade....Robert Pattinson has a small part, but gets a love scene, of course, to satisfy his fans. Pattinson and Cronenberg are developing a nice collaboration, however, and here's to hoping we get to see more from the two of them....Probably the most exciting, unexpected surprise of the film festival so far, “Maps to the Stars” is about reaching upwards to something you're never supposed to touch. You can buy a map but you're never really meant to see what's beyond the gates. We need stars to remain where they are — unimaginably far away, shimmering in the night sky. But a star is really just a ball of fire. If you get too close you get burned. This might not be the happy ending we're seeking, but Cronenberg and Wagner give us the one we deserve.
The Telegraph giving MTTS 5/5 stars:
Jerome, a chauffeur and would-be actor winningly played by Robert Pattinson....
...My instant reaction, after stumbling, open-mouthed, from the cinema, was a pathological need to stumble back in again. There’s so much in this seething cauldron of a film, so many film-industry neuroses exposed and horrors nested within horrors, that one viewing is too much, and not nearly enough. Cronenberg has made a film that you want to unsee – and then see and unsee again.
The Guardian's Peter Bradsaw giving MTTS 4/5 stars:
David Cronenberg's new film here at Cannes is a gripping and exquisitely horrible movie about contemporary Hollywood – positively vivisectional in its sadism and scorn. It is twisted, twisty, and very far from all the predictable outsider platitudes about celebrity culture....
Almost immediately upon arrival, Agatha chances across Jerome Fontana (Robert Pattinson), limo driver and resting actor, with whom she begins a tense friendship. (It is an amusing twist on Pattinson's role on David Cronenberg's previous film, an adaptation of Don DeLillo's novella Cosmopolis, in which he was very much the limo passenger.) Her relationship with Jerome is what is to unravel her employment with the mercurial Havana, and is at the nexus of a world where everyone seems to be part of the same cousinhood or siblinghood of fear — one big unhappy dysfunctional family.
Little White Lies:
True to style, David Cronenberg's Maps to the Stars is a work of cinematic fusion.
David Cronenberg’s latest is a sublime black comedy of manners involving characters with lives as lurid as any in Kenneth Anger’s trash opus Hollywood Babylon (that infamous book’s sales blurb – “the legendary underground classic of Hollywood’s darkest and best kept secrets” – could, with only a little rewording, double as a tagline for Maps To The Stars).
TimeOut giving MTTS 3/5 stars:
Targets don’t come much softer than Hollywood. What stops David Cronenberg’s grotesque noir ‘Maps to the Stars’, written by LA insider Bruce Wagner, from feeling tired is that it’s deliciously odd.
ThePlaylist giving MTTS a B+:
The director's also been gifted a cracking cast for the material. Before you ask: no, Robert Pattinson isn't in it all that much but yes, he's pretty good in it. Plus you get to see him as a sort of glam-rock version of Khan from "Star Trek," so there's that...the film is a sickly enjoyable wallow in the scandalous, fucked-up side of showbusiness, and a real return to form for the filmmaker.
Indiewire giving MTTS a B+:
Only Pattinson, in a handful of scenes, is underutilized—yet the new context of his celebrity in this anti-celebrity project marks one more satisfying ingredient in Cronenberg's subversive mixture. "Maps to the Stars" is like a poetic dissection of familiar ingredients that zeroes in on its worst offenders.
With a script by novelist Bruce Wagner and a cast that includes Robert Pattinson, Julianne Moore, Mia Wasikowska and John Cusack, as well as Carrie Fisher, herself a mordant chronicler of Tinseltown excesses, it certainly has its bona fides in order, and the hosannahs are intense enough to raise expectations that the dissents don't manage to drown out. After all, if no one hated it, it would be a David Cronenberg movie, would it?
Cronenberg’s go-to composer, Howard Shore, delivers one of his best scores yet for the dry Canadian maestro, a menacing undertow that picks up on some of the ethnic, New Age sounds of the world it depicts, but shifts them into Clockwork Orange territory.
Of the main characters, only limo driver Jerome Fontana (Robert Pattinson, at the wheel rather than in the backseat after “Cosmopolis”) feels like an outsider, though it might have been wise to filter this unwieldy satire through his eyes — or those of someone not yet corrupted by association with the industry.
  • @robbiereviews:Well, Maps to the Stars is *incredible*. #Cannes2014
  • @olilyttelton: MAPS TO THE STARS: Deliciously fucked-up Hollywood gothic-cum-Greek tragedy. Cronenberg's most entertaining in ages.
  • @catherinebray/Film4: If I was in charge of the Palme d'Or, I'd give it to Cronenberg...A couple of Pattinson fans have asked, so: he's not in Maps to the Stars that much, but is good when he is. Has two love interests.
  • @gabrielecapo: Maps to the Stars: Hollywood, the dead ringer of itself. A reiteration of the same idea. Life is not. My Palm so far #Cannes2014 #Cronenberg
  • @GlennRunn: Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars is a deliciously warped satire of Hollywood’s debauched excesses. A bit mad and a bit brilliant.
  • @spliggle/TotalFilm: Well Maps to the Stars is a bit brilliant/insane
  • @KetchumAtMovies/Variety: Maps to the Stars - [A]. Top form Cronenberg. Twisted, smart, and insane. Academy gods, give Ms. Moore an Oscar nomination! #Cannes2014
  • @heavier_things: Maps to the Stars: brilliant, biting satire from Cronenberg. Laughed all the way through. Perfect casting. Really dug this one. #Cannes2014
  • @_ann_lee: Maps to the Stars: Razor sharp satire on Hollywood's corroding power. Just hilarious. Bitchy Moore a sensation. My fav of #Cannes2014 so far
  • @_Winter_wind: I think the best way to describe this "maps to the stars" Hollywood mockery is fun, crazy, insane and entertaining. It gets an A-
  • @jessicakiang/ThePlaylist: Loved Maps to the Stars. Deliciously bonkers vision of Hollywood as a mythic village of inbreds.
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