"Robert Pattinson Has A Treasure Of Unexploited Talent" ~ David Michod

"Robert Pattinson Has A Treasure Of Unexploited Talent" ~ David Michod

Well there's no doubt that David Michod is a big Robert Pattinson fan and I think this excerpt of his interview on Page 11 of the French Press Kit for The Rover where he talks about casting Rob provides even more evidence of that.
What he said about him will surely bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye.

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Thanks to LeRPattzClub for translating it.
How did you choose your actors ?

I had Guy Pearce in mind since the beginning. We needed a man who was his age , who had a quiet and mysterious strength, who had his talent and his extraordinary attention for details. I didn't forget the pleasure I had working with him on Animal Kingdom. Rob (Pattinson) came later on. We met, I appreciated him a lot and then, he did some screen tests for me, awesome tests, full of life, never forced or artificial and then it was done. And there's something very exciting to have the opportunity to show to the whole world that a star, who was understimated and reduced to a certain image, has in fact a treasure of unexploited talent. I quickly notice that Rob is a great actor. And I'm looking forward to everyone seeing that. 

If Guy Pearce's character is the «Rover» , how would you define Robert Pattinson's character ?

He's also a «rover.» Guy is a rover meaning he is a "tramp". But in classical english, "rover" is also used as a loving terms to refer to a dog. And Rob follows Guy everywhere, just as a lost dog would do

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