"He Has A Really Beguiling Physical Energy, Clearly Smart" David Michod Talks About Robert Pattinson

"He Has A Really Beguiling Physical Energy, Clearly Smart" David Michod Talks About Robert Pattinson

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I love to hear people praise Rob. Here David Michod says some great things about him to the HeraldSun & The Daily Telegraph.
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From HeraldSun

I hadn’t seen the Twilight movies but friends of mine had said he (Pattinson) was an interesting guy,” Michod said in Adelaide.

Pattinson, who gives a standout performance, hates auditioning but Michod used the process to explore the character of the wounded man who Eric (Guy Pearce) kidnaps in the movie.

“I put him through four hours of what he would call hell and I used three hours and 55 minutes to explore the character with him,” says ­Michod. “He has a really beguiling physical energy, clearly smart, and he was actively seeking out directors whose work he liked.”

The resulting film, shot entirely on location in South Australia, particularly around the northern outback towns of Leigh Creek and Maree, won strong reviews when shown at the Cannes Film Festival.

From Daily Telegraph (Australia)

HIS days as a bloodsucker are long behind him but try telling that to the hundreds that swamped The State Theatre last night to catch a glimpse of their favourite vamp Robert Pattinson.

Back in town to unveil his new Aussie flick The Rover — a film miles from his turn as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series — the British thespian spent around 30 minutes greeting fans and signing autographs along Market Street of which a lane of traffic was barricaded for the event.

Such was the hysteria, even The Rover’s director, Sydneysider David Michod, admitted he sympathised for his leading man who — even three years after the last Twilight film wrapped — cannot shake the adulation.

“All the time ... I feel for him all the time,” Michod said on last night’s red carpet.

“It’s kind of nuts the bubble that he has to live inside.

“There are kind of very few people in the world who can inspire that sort of bizarre ‘Beatlemania’ and it was one of the extraordinary experiences of working with him out in the desert. It was so freeing for him.

“To be able to sit out in the street with him at the end of the day and drink a beer.

“It was quite amazing.”

Judging by his post-Twilight body of work it’s clear Pattinson is doing his best to distance himself from his star-making role.

In The Rover, a futuristic thriller set in the Aussie outback, Pattinson plays a slow-witted crim opposite Guy Pearce who also starred in Michod’s last major film Animal Kingdom.

The Rover has earned Pattinson rave reviews while for Michod, the film has been a springboard into his next project — writing and directing Brad Pitt’s next big film The Operators.


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