NEW: 2 gorgeous pics of Robert Pattinson as Rey in The Rover + A24 giveaways for fans who BAT4Rob 10 times!

NEW: 2 gorgeous pics of Robert Pattinson as Rey in The Rover + A24 giveaways for fans who BAT4Rob 10 times!

Why so gorgeous ReyRob?? As IF you could uglify Robert Pattinson...

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Remember when we did BAT4Rob (Buy a ticket 4 Rob) for Bel Ami? And then Rob asked us all to buy 8 tickets for Cosmopolis? He's said again for The Rover he wants us to see the film as much as possible and A24 Films wants to reward us for that devotion!

If you're in the US and you know you're likely to see or buy 10 tickets to The Rover before July 1st, you could win signed posters from Rob, David Michôd and Guy Pearce! I've got 5 tickets down already so come on and catch up! ;)

From A24 Films via The Rover Film:
The #RoverTenTimes Fan Challenge 
A24 is unbelievably grateful for the support The Rover Film community has shown the movie over the past year. You've been with 'The Rover' from the very beginning. The wait is finally over, and now we want to challenge the most serious fans to go see it #RoverTenTimes. It won't be easy, nor will it be possible for everyone, but there is a pretty great gift at the end if you are able to pull it off. 
So, see the movie at least TEN times, then email us photos of your ticket stubs to We'll send two original Rover posters of your choosing to anyone who completes the challenge. Each ticket must be from a different showtime, and we can only ship within the United States. Deadline to complete the challenge is 7/1. 
(We have a limited quantity of posters signed by David, Guy, and Rob. These will be given to fans who complete the challenge in the shortest span of time. No posters will be sent until after Week 2 is complete, so there’s no advantage if you’re able to see the film in limited release.) 
We also encourage everyone to share your ticket stubs on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the #RoverTenTimes hashtag. After the challenge is complete, we will have a photo album on The Rover Facebook page as an additional thank you to all the fans who participated. 
Your support means everything to us, and is hugely important to the film's success. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy 'The Rover' – once, ten times, or more.
So it's time to buy 10 tickets for Rob! GOOD LUCK!!!!

Here's another new ReyRob shot on the cover of Courier Mail. GAWD. Dirt and rotten teeth? They need to do more if they wanted to hide that god-given beauty. *swoon*

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HQ to knock you on your ass

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New Still: TheRoverFilm | Scan: Via


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