Robert Pattinson: I've loved reading the reviews, saying that I've done a terrible Australian accent. + more from The Rover presscon in Sydney

Robert Pattinson: I've loved reading the reviews, saying that I've done a terrible Australian accent. + more from The Rover presscon in Sydney

This presscon took a lot of us by surprise. I love SurpriseRob. He makes me feel flustered and alive LOL
Hopefully we'll get a full video of the press con soon but for now, outlets have shared some of the quotes and we're getting other quotes from Rob out of The Rover press junket. Lots of goodies will be coming our way over the next several days of AussieRob!
Here are some additional pics of Rob from the day that were posted on twitter, instagram, etc. We posted the first batch HERE.

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MORE pics under the cut + Click HERE to see over 100 pics from Rob's photocall

Have a quickie with Rob....

New interviews and quotes

From 2Day (sampling from the presscon):
Hollywood hunk Robert Pattinson has faced the media in Sydney, to speak about his new film, The Rover.
Our reporter Alex Bryant attended the conference and spoke to Rob. Al "On working on Australian films, this is for you Rob.... the Australian industry has a reputation for being among the hardest working in the world, how was your experience with it?"Rob: "I think it was a really special crew, it was quite harsh where we were but, also just having everyone on location as well and kind of no-one to my knowledge really fell out with each other, (laughs) yes it was amazing."
Rob:"I was trying to get into Australian movies for a long time before I did this, I'm not sure why ... I think it's a confident and vibrant film industry.. and vital. I had a really great experience."
The Rover makes its Aussie debut at the Sydney Film Festival before hitting cinemas next week.
From (Rob mentions cool Queen of the Desert stuff towards the end and breaks my heart in the beginning...Rob, why oh why am I more confident about your abilities than you?):
DON’T expect to see a newly-buff Robert Pattinson in a superhero movie any time soon.
“It’s not really about the physicality,’’ said the former Twilight heart-throb today ahead of the red carpet premiere of dystopian Outback thriller The Rover at the Sydney Film Festival on Saturday night.
“Those leading guy roles are all extremely confident characters and I am just not confident. I would feel weird faking that confidence.
“The action guy who does the little quip at the end of killing somebody? I would sound like a psycho.”
Pattinson said he and co-star Guy Pearce, with whose character he forms an uneasy alliance in The Rover, had compared notes.
“We’re not really considered for those normal leading man roles — well, maybe I was for a little period after Twilight. I guess I gravitate towards niche things but also those are the things I get offered.”
Pattinson, who spent a month on location in South Australia while filming David Michod’s hotly-anticipated follow-up to Animal Kingdom, says the closest he is ever likely to come to playing a classic leading man is his role as T.E. Lawrence in Werner Herzog’s Queen of the Desert, which stars Nicole Kidman.
“I was playing Lawrence of Arabia! They are huge shoes to fill,” he said.
“I think it was my most challenging role so far. It was certainly the scariest, even though I only had a few scenes.”The 28-year-old actor said Kidman was very different to how he expected she would be.
“I guess maybe I saw her as quite untouchable. I was only in Morocco for about 10 days, but she is really funny and super accessible — just hanging out with her kids.“She was really easy to work with. I really liked her.” 
Reviews for Pattinson’s performance in The Rover, in which he plays a slow-witted Southern drifter to Pearce’s embittered avenger, have been universally positive – Variety went so far as to describe it as “career-redefining.” 
The actor said the accolades generated by last month’s prestigious midnight screening at the Cannes Film Festival felt like a validation “for about five seconds.” But the next job was almost more important. “It’s almost like creating a brand,’’ he said. “You have to get enough good reviews so that people go in expecting a good movie – then half your job is done. “ 
In a press conference at the Sydney Theatre, attended by Pearce, Michod and producers Liz Watts and David Linde, Pattinson downplayed the physical discomfort of the seven weeks he spent on location in Hammond, Quorn, Copley and Leigh Creek in the middle of the Australian summer. “I am being prompted to say how awful it was. But I really liked it. I just found it incredibly serene being able to look to the horizon. I liked the harshness of the landscape as well. There’s something strangely mystical about it.
Pattinson, who was photographed coming out of an LA gym immediately prior to boarding the plane to Australia, puts his relatively recent conversion to treadmills down to age.
“When you get to your late 20s, you start turning to fat. It’s crazy. You actually have to think about what you eat. It’s so annoying,” he said.
“I thought it would happen a bit later.”
From Daily Mail (quotes from press con and Rob and Guy are such a winning bromance):
Working in 50 degree temperatures in the Australian Outback didn't exactly make for easy filming conditions on the set of Robert Pattinson's new film The Rover, but the 28-year-old star got through it by drinking alcohol.
The British actor's fellow leading man in the Australian movie - Guy Pearce - has revealed that Pattinson 'handled himself really well' in the harsh environment, even with the booze.
'He drank more vodka than I advised him to drink,' said Pearce, 46.
A good-humoured Pattinson chuckled while sipping a cup of tea on stage in Sydney at a press conference talking about The Rover on Friday.
'This is going to be the only thing that comes out of this now,'  said the former Twilight Saga star.
'My "drinking problem".'
Pearce was quick to cover his tracks, jumping in with the line: 'There was no vodka.'
Pattinson arrived in Australia on Thursday morning to promote the film from David Michod, with the Animal Kingdom director joining him on stage with producers Liz Watts and David Linde.
He said that he had been wanting to get into the Australian industry and knew The Rover was the role for him after the screenplay 'leapt off the page'.
'I was trying to get into the Australian movies for a long time before this,' said Pattinson.
'I think it's a really confident, vibrant industry - and vital.'
Set in rural Australian in a dystopian future, The Rover is having its Australian premiere at the Sydney Film Festival on Saturday night.
Pattinson has been receiving rave reviews for his performance out of the Cannes film festival, with critics calling it a career redefining turn.
The Cosmopolis actor said he has gotten a laugh out of reading the descriptions about his character Rey, who is American and speaks with a strong Southern twang.
'I've loved reading the reviews, saying that I've done a terrible Australian accent.'
MORE pics under the cut!

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