VIDEO: Robert Pattinson & FKA Twigs Out In LA Last Night + NEW Fan Pic

VIDEO: Robert Pattinson & FKA Twigs Out In LA Last Night + NEW Fan Pic

UPDATE 3: We edited the video. Took out the annoying audio and lightened it. See the original under the cut.


From E Online:
"Robert Pattinson and new girlfriend FKA Twigs sure aren't shy about putting their love on display!

The hot couple stepped out together on Thursday for a night out with friends in Hollywood, where the duo appeared relaxed and happy as they walked side by side before heading into a club.

R.Pattz and his ladylove both rocked casual hipster ensembles, with Twigs adding a bit of bohemian flair to her low-key look. The former Twilight hunk wore skinny jeans, a black jacket and a beanie hat while sporting his signature unkempt scruff. Meanwhile, the British beauty looked lovely in a black and white patterned maxi skirt with a slit on the side which she teamed with a black crop top.

The two always stayed close by and appeared relaxed in each other's company, clearly enjoying a night on the town with their pals as their relationship continues to blossom."
And this lucky lady ran into Rob in No Vacancy and got to chat with him!

 photo 1724262_702849616477917_1716008778_n.jpg

Caption On Photo:

"Never washing my hand again... R. Patts and I shook handssss and talked about his illustrious movie career!! #holycrap #bahhhhh" 

Check out pics from last night over HERE 

UPDATE: Added Video 

Thanks Sunny & PJ


Unknown said...

I hope you all are doing well. I've just been sitting in the back row watching all the drama.

What I see is people getting VERY bent over not being able to make two people live out their fantasy.
Mostly control freaks and attention seekers.!

They never were Bella and Edward...they were two actors that played a part and as a result became very close.
Bella and Edward will live and love FOREVER....while Rob and Kristen will continue to make movies...playing various characters(I hope) and live their lives THEIR way....not the FANS way.

GET USED TO IT! If you love them...go see their movies and praise them for THAT...not their private lives.

With that...Happy, happy, happy Friday! Have an awsome weekend!

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